BART's Big Gift to Wealthy Corporations

"The transit agency says it doesn't have enough cash to give modest raises to workers, but that's because the large corporations that have benefited the most from its services pay almost nothing for them."

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As I have said before:

"I understand this is a major sore point with most but, and this is my casual opinion only as I haven't looked into it.
This country is sliding into a "Grapes of Wrath" climate. Employers routinely threaten employees with replacements as "There's x amount of more people that would line up to take your place." More people are doing more work with less benefits. Bottom line here is YOU accepted that as the conditions for your employment and most likely you are not in a union. That was your vocational choice, not mine."

"The ships of success never pull into port. There will be times you will see them in the distance, it's up to you to leap off the dock of comfort and swim out to them. When you do, you need three things. Effort because wishing will get you nowhere. Education so you can tell the difference between a dinghy or a mighty ocean faring vessel. The third is the will to go past what you thought you could do. Success always appears closer than where it really is."

sounds like you're missing something in your master plan.

Just sayn....again

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"and this is my casual opinion only" I am one person representing one person and one little person. I'm not blaming anyone for anything. If you bothered to think about what I just wrote you might catch the wisdom.

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Ok, I'm gonna be real nice and try your way of thinking instead of mine.

You want me/us to work on self policing my/our fellow union employees to curb something you call overtime "abuse" and Improve "relations" with the riding public. This is two things and they are both a what to do command. Ok, what would you say as to HOW I/we am/are to fulfill your command?

I must add that I can only give so many hugs before I take my train out and some might feel slighted by missing out on that action. So understand I do have my limits, but please, by all means, enlighten me. How would you fix this particular problem?

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Lots of sniveling but no solutions, being lumped in with my peers, got it.

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Hey, (shrugging) you put it out here in a public forum and don't like it when somebody responds? Hmm.

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As for the postings, I've only been back 2 weeks after being gone 4 years so I wouldn't know. I never asked but, could answer that question about this being a union forum. I saw it at the bottom of this page.

I was responding to your statement of loosing your job, not the subject. However since you are addressing me ..

"One of bart employees responded with the same old excuses of its not us it's them, we don't want to strike."

That employee is 100% correct. If you researched what is going on for yourself you would know this. You can look up BART union negeotions on youtube and watch the union talk to the BART board directly before the strike as well. Right now you are doing what I warned the Union about. To you it's Blah Blah Blah whatever, quit bitchin and just give me my ride to my job. People are getting hurt and a some have been killed. Not a cushy a job as some would think and that's priority 1 for the Union. All I can suggest is to look into what is being said, otherwise you are on the same ride as the rest of us and the rest of the Bay Area.

"Well then don't strike, ur action spoke a different story, ur ongoing threats tell a different story"

Management offered a 1% increase after we had 0% the last few years and we are only asking to keep up with the cost of living over a 10 year period. Management wants to implement more "take aways" after we already gave millions in concessions LAST contract. Now they hired a known Union buster to "Negotiate". The Union isn't asking for the moon as people would have you believe. So again, look for yourself instead of "listening to chatter" Realize if 1,500 people represented by the various unions voted unanimously to strike there must be something wrong going on.

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Oh I so wish that were true.

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BART and the Unions have nothing to do with (and want nothing to do with) this website. This site is impossible to control, so I doubt someone official would waste their time arguing into the vacuum just to get shouted down by the other side. Anyone who posts on here is doing so of their own unpaid, unauthorized, free will. It just so happens that the only other places anyone else talks about this is the comments an official news source of some kind, where comments are moderated TO THE GROUND. This causes the extra special extreme views to be represented here. Like anywhere else, people with the strongest views talk the most. Pretty easy stuff.

As a side note, unlike 99% of the rest of the internet, you may notice there are no ads here. That's a pretty good indication that the traffic to this site is not big enough to even require extra bandwidth beyond what an average person could pay for without breaking the bank. There are much bigger fish for BART/Unions to fry than BartRAGE.

(I suppose I should state I don't own or control this site, I am just a masochist who apparently likes to be abused by random strangers on the Internet, in the form of being a moderator)

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Because at this particular forum historically there are (or have been anyway), many different BART employees responding directly to people about the job. If you came here just to bitch without any knowledge of what the reality of how BART works then maybe you are at the wrong site. Then again, since I haven't been here in years, maybe it has evolved to just a place to bitch without any actual knowledge. I may very well be the one who arrived at the wrong place. I'm still pondering this.


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What is this??? a Ghost from my past??? I shall add your request to my ruminations ghost.