Time for both unions and bart management to stop this non sense once for all

As a passenger who relies on bart to get to work everyday, I am tired of reading these finger pointing articles instead of something meaningful that shows negotiation progress. (yes, I am aware of the gag order)

BUT I don't care!!! I am too tired to care!!!

I am sure there are HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of commuters like me out there and feel the same way. We all have our own sob stories, but you don't see us posting everyday to gain empathy.


The SIEU needs to be willing to negotiate before mgmt will bother to listen, your current offer is simply too ridiculous

Don't just whine here, I hope you have emailed or called your local politician and or governor. If people do not get involved I guarantee you management is pushing for a strike.

No matter what your views are, you need to get involved and get people talking.

It is depressing that progress is not being made and passengers are being kept in the dark with no alternative ways to get to work from the East Bay beyond the Caldecott Tunnel if BART strikes. It would be nice to make some plans now.

I think the mediator BART hired was a total waste of $400,000 but BART loves to waste money on consultants and studies, and then construction errors like Dublin/Pleasanton because their consultants and studies always forget to include that one importnat detail like making sure you coordinate with Cal-Trans and follow rules. Why doesn't BART cut all that wasted spending out on consultants and studies too? BART wastes big time and I'm tired of paying for it when I get so little in return. BART service fucking sucks of late. I'm tired of all the delays. No BART police are ever policing any more. All I see is empty vehicles at the stations. No Police.

As far PTO and pensions, Management and Union should both be making concession there. Management's benefits concerning PTO and pensions are off the charts but you don't see them giving up anything. BART is doing absolutely nothing do get a contract done.

I don't care as much about the Station Agents as I do the T.O.'s. T.O.'s are the main form of security on the trains because there are no POLICE and they don't even necessarily come when called by BART. Like at MacArthur on a Friday night. T.O.'s also repair the doors, get out and climb on the tracks and do the switching manually and a host of other things that aren't in their job descriptions.

WHAT A BUNCH OF LOSERS that are nothing but a GIANT burden on the taxpayers. BART Board isn't any better.

I agree, the losers are the taxpayers as usual. BART should be spending all this energy on getting us back to trains every 15 minutes and the system expanded into East County and Livermore instead of this stupid strike. AND WHY DIDN'T BART PROMOTE THE NEW GENERAL MANAGER FROM WITHIN BART INSTEAD OF HIRING SOME NEW STUPID WOMAN WHO CAN'T LEARN A JOB IN TWO YEARS? Gheese, are we on the BART retard track?

The contract negotiation process also needs overhaul. Everything at BART needs an overhaul because all these managers have ever done is bilk the system from the 70's until now instead of structuring the compensation appropriately to begin with when the system was built.

they don't exactly post the job descriptions in easy to find places. Like Bart PD fucking comes when they are called. If they do, they hold the train up so dam long, no one will call unless it really serious. You DO recall it was a maintenance worker who diffused the last situation at Civic Center because it took BPD 8 minutes too long to get on scene. SFPD gets there faster. If you're in Oakland, you're fucked. That Oakland Mayor needs to go.

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I'm not much for politics but I shed a tear of sympathy for Oakland when their current mayor was elected. What a joke she is, go hug the criminals on your own time, I'd rather pay for someone effective