BART invites public to tour mockup of new train car interior July 23-26

"A milestone in public outreach for BART's Fleet of the Future project comes July 23-26, when a 2/3-scale mockup of a train car interior will be set up for public viewing at MacArthur Station in Oakland."

Can I have sex/urinate and defecate on the seats to give it a real life workout?

check new train car project

They say the current cars average 58.6 seats per car and the new cars will have 57 seats per car.

I would be interested to see with adding another door on each side how they are able to keep the # of seats the same...might have to make a stop @ McCarthur!

I think that it has to do with BART's tracks being a custom width apart as well as height requirements for cars being special, so they have to design custom solutions that allow their friends to make $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$(oodles of skrillah!)

Agreed(not on the nerd part, well maybe) but seriously thanks for the 411!

The "off the shelf" systems (which are really anything but due to lots of customization for any system) are all light rail or heavy rail. BART is neither, it's been a different system from any other from the beginning. Light rail cars can't handle the volume of passengers that BART has and Heavy Rail would be too tall for the tunnels and too wide for the elevated tracks.

so you can tell that those trains "look almost identical to BART" from one overhead view of the cars entering and exiting the station? I didn't know you could see through things on a video posted on the internet! you must have superpowers.

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You're the one who posted it, I'd think you'd be more descriptive.

you made the claim, proving the claim is your responsibility, I have no onus to disprove it. I just stated that your statement isn't borne out by that video.

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