BART's free-ride program among Bay Area's most generous

I would like to hear your justification about this.

Employee, Spouse and Minor dependents (up to 24 if they're full time students) carries on thru retirement (except maybe the student part, I'm not 100% sure.)

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Let's pull some quotes from that article that answer your question:

"But BART Board President Tom Radulovich, of San Francisco, said he's not convinced the free pass policy should be changed. Getting employees to ride its trains gives BART more eyes and ears on board, and reduces congestion and pollution, he said."

"A BART employee leader said her union has no formal position on the passes for full-time workers, but she likened them to employee discounts offered by stores or utility companies, such as bill discounts of up to 25 percent provided to PG&E utility employees. "Many companies do this," said Antonette Bryant, president of Local 1555 of the Amalgamated Transit Union."

"Free rides by BART workers, retirees and family members account for about 2,104 trips per weekday, or about a half of a percent of the 400,000 weekday trips on the system, according to figures from BART."

"AC Transit in Alameda and Contra Costa counties, San Mateo County's SamTrans and Santa Clara County VTA also provide free passes for transit employees, retirees and their spouses, partners and dependents. Golden Gate Transit offers the free travel to current and retired employees, but not to family members, while San Francisco MUNI and County Connection in Central Contra Costa offer free travel to current workers and their family members, but not to retired employees."

The numbers they're quoting as to cost of this "perk" is an estimate assuming that each person who gets it rides BART twice a day, 5 days a week from ~Concord to ~Montgomery.