What have Unions done for you?

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You assholes bitch that we are one of the highest paid transit employees in the U.S. Actually we are around the fourth or third highest paid depending on the year. No matter how much you bitch about the system, it is routinely the #1 on time performing transit agency in the U.S. That doesn't happen by magic, that happens by the people who work to keep this crappy outdated trolly system running.

As far as striking goes, none of us in the Union wanted this. Management did.

I don't give a fuck how many times you post my wages I will never make near what the white collar side of the house makes and nobody seems to have a problem with that why? It is because you in whatever profession you have chosen have the fantasy of being one of the upper (insert self important title here). News flash, the professional non union world is just like the lottery system. everybody starts out the same but only a rare few hit the jackpot. Education, skill and luck can increase your odds but it usually comes down to looks, personality, networking skills and who you know or blow.

This is why Unions came into existence in the first place so the playing field could be somewhat leveled. Check the video above for an example of what "Greedy Unions" have done for YOU.

Those of you that are non union and are siding up with the management side have no fucking clue that whatever happens to us will trickle down to you in how you will be treated in general by your employer. There is a reason that almost all of the Unions all over the bay area have been threatening to strike or have outright striked lately.

As for me personally, I suggested to a few people that we do a "working strike". Everybody shows up to work except the Station Agents are to leave the fare gates open. WHAT WAS THAT????

Yes, leave the fare gates open. Everybody gets to ride for free until we get a contract. Sounds great right? Yup, but here's were my evil plan starts to work. Every homeless person within a 50 mile radius will move in. Here come the drugs and crime. But wait, the thugs will start riding the trains and it wouldn't surprise me if there were some shootouts along the way. But that's not all, if the Agents let the public in for free the trains would be so packed that people fainting would be a routine call. I say let the Bartapocalypse happen while we still have the old cars for it to happen in.

Since the people bitching about how overpaid the station agents are have no clue, I say let them SEE what chaos the agents protect them from. Then the public would totally understand why we in the front lines are paid so well. I would love for the Union to go this route.

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Are you sure?
"Fire em all" is not a form of banning (breaking) the union floating around this hate site? Am I to assume it was meant for some other "lazy union sloths"?

When you are addressing the Union you are talking about people. These people are going through the same economy that you are. Many have families and or are veterans or as in my case, are both. Way to support your many current and former military as the U.S. has done such a great job in the past. It kills me that as a member of the third lowest paid employee in the district (above clerks, CSO, the various janitorial folks) people bitch about us the most because once again we "Union #$%* holes" are the ones between the public and management. If it wasn't for my union, you people wouldn't even know or care that the techs or the other unions even existed. Management would have crushed any grumblings by them decades ago, but I digress.

Here is the real problem: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uB7jdjsFErM

But hey, as I have said before, Puhleese have us officially declared safety sensitive. I would love to retire at 50 with the same retirement as cops, judges and firefighters. But don't worry, my retirement was superfunded years ago so it won't cost you or BART a penny, unlike what they would have you believe with the rest of the lies you are being told.

Whelp, the slothmobile is packed up and the fishing licence hasn't expired yet so it's off to the river this week. I hope the contract gets resolved for everybody soon. I'll be up there slowly running outta beer wondering what to do when I retire.

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Thank you Governor Brown.

I take BART to work. A luxury convenience that I am happy to pay for and not drive into work every day.

I've worked at a bay area medical hospital that was union represented by SEIU and AFSCME at different times for over 15 years of service. Comparatively the most saddest part of their run was that they never gave the same attention nor ever made the same outrageous demands as the Bart unions. Makes one wonder. We went through union representatives that honestly tried to help the employees with honest HR or departmental claims. It also included failed contracts that were never renegotiated at times up to 5 years. Both medical and Bart commuter situations are very important to the public and understandable to work with unions for reasonable demands. It's important when they come to the table for cost of living adjustments, station agent safety, and Bart train replacement/renovation. For gods sakes more Bart security on trains, clean the damn trains/stations, upkeep the elevators, make changes so the homeless don't harass riders on trains, pee and crap on the escalators so they are not nasty or out of order for months. They still have their ace in the hole, raising parking every so often for additional revenue.

It's hard to look past how much more riders can pay to cover the demands. We even paid for bonds and raised sales taxes to cover new routes. Medical benefits for most companies are paid out of pocket by employees and now at higher rates. For some dental coverage isn't even included. Vision coverage is a perk. Some companies even have a sliding scale for those that significantly earn more $$, where the more you earn the higher your rates. This is actually considerate for disparaging salaries in internet or financial related jobs in comparison with those in lower paying positions. Also there are some plans that have choices at dental clinics only and do not cover your favorite neighborhood dentists.

OMG now you mention a pension! What's percentage of people get one or even know what that is. I never gave it much thought before when I was younger. A pension is what you earn for retirement and all the years of service of back breaking work you completed. However, I now have to think about IRA, 401K stuffing coins in my mattress with Social Security not being in my future. How much can I contribute to 401K and still be responsible for a family. If you're fortunate enough the company matches what your put in. Pensions are available to state, federal, city & county and some grandfathered companies out there. Though these are very few and rare to have company sponsored plans like this. Now I and many others that work in the private sector, means you're on your own. Do you even make enough to have a financial consultant to tell you how to invest your money.

Can local, small businesses and companies consider suing BART for having such powers to put their business in jeopardy of losing thousands or millions of dollars for lost revenue? Especially the ability to lock out people from earning an honest days living. For some people there is no such thing as working from home, coming in earlier or staying later. Hey boss can I leave early, not provide enough coverage after half the staff did not show up. Too bad riders can't do a class action suit against Bart.

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Thanks for the laugh buddy, there's tons over over the top people on the board. I think you just happen to not agree with this one.

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You also inspired me to update my user photo. It's been a while since I got a new phone, I guess I just got lazy. Someday, I will not be able to update this picture anymore. Today is not that day.

I like the new photo and phone.

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keep believing that all you want.