I haven't taken BART in a whole month now!

And I'm SOOO GLAD that I won't have to be a regular BART commuter anymore!!! I'll still ride it occasionally, though.

I now take Caltrain instead of BART to get to the city. I get on/off at Sunnyvale or Mountain View to save money, it I'll get on or off at Capitol, Tamien, or Diridon if I'm lazy that day. It's a tad more expensive if I get on before Sunnyvale, but Caltrain is WAY nicer, so it's worth it. I try to take a train with Bombardier equipment if I can to charge my phone up.

i like cal-train too; different crowd, cleaner trains and because of the design on those cars, people can't stand in the isle like they do on BART; Cal-Train has shelves for luggage and the way the doors are designed, people can't block them.