BART Management and Greedy Union Slugs still $100 Million apart in talks.

After months of contentious negotiations, BART and its unions are still about $100 million apart on terms of a new contract, transit district officials told a state panel Wednesday.

"There are significant issues to be resolved with each individual union, as well as general issues," said Vicki Nuetzel, a senior attorney for BART.

The transit district led off the Oakland hearing before the three-member state panel appointed by Gov. Jerry Brown to report on the issues that led to a 4 1/2 day strike in July and threatened to shut down the system again this week.

The three unions were scheduled to make their own presentations later in the day.

The hearing provided the first public look at the numbers that divide BART and its unions.

BART's most recent salary offer called for a 9 percent raise spread over four years.

The unions are asking for a 15 percent raise spread over three years, and said they would be willing to contribute 7 percent toward their pension if the agency helped offset that cost by an additional 6.5 percent raise the first year.

The unions are also are balking at BART's efforts to force their members to pay a greater part of their medical benefits, now capped at $92 a month.

The benefit issues are key, said Grace Crunican, BART's general manager.

"The new contract must be good for the long term sustainability of the system, as well as good for the workers," she said.

Good, I hope BART's books and records are audited by the state because we are paying too many taxes for BART to be crying this broke. I can't stand GRACE! I didn't think I would hate anyone more than DUI Dorothy. Why aren't these managmeent salaries being reined in as well. I think BART MANAGEMENT is WAY OVERPAID and the BART Board can't find its way out of a paper sack to make any sound decisions. If BART is going broke, it is because BART Management's salaries are draining, not the employees. They could get rid of an entire tier of BART management and no one would even notice.