Exchanging Bart Tickets

At certain stations there are booths which allow you to exchange old tickets for a single ticket with the accumulated value. Does anyone know why they do not accept tickets purchased with a credit card?

The woman at the counter indicated that tickets printed with the letter "C" are tickets purchased by credit cards and cannot be used for exchange. I actually found a way around it by adding money in the ticket machines with a coin which removes the "C" from the ticket and converts it into a cash ticket. However, I'm still interested in finding out why credit card tickets are treated differently.

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Normally when you return something to the store they charge it back to your card, and not cash, I don't know why, maybe the credit card companies are trying to prevent fraud?. But those ticket exchange stands would not likely have the equipment to know what card you used to buy the original. It all seems convoluted to me but my guess is it has something to do with credit card company policy