Why does Civic Center station always smell like urine?


Lots of people need to complain, and complain often. Send a complaint to the board of director that you voted for, and ask them to wake management up. Imagine working there and being in those conditions for eight to twelve hours. The employees have complained about the feces, the urine, and the pigeon poop for years. They have also complained to BART management that the closed restrooms are part of the problem, and need to be reopened.

The employees rely on the riders to help them complain about such situations, remember they work entire days in those conditions, while customers might just see things as they pass through.

If there is one thing you should take from current contract negotiations is that bart does not do anything unless forced to.

Some people on this board want to believe the workers don't care, they do, and are frustrated at working in those conditions.

To complain contact your board of director you voted for. Also pick up comment cards at a station agent booth or on BARTs website.

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A plan to enclose the escalators and to be able to secure them is already in progress so there is some hope.

and Please add Powell and Embarcadero to the Urine List; it will knock you over if you're walking up the stairs at Embarcadero and the escalators and at Powell down by the 9th car going to towards the East Bay, JUST NASTY.

no BART employee should have to work all day smelling that! i'm happy to write my BART board of director but it is a useless excercise.

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As long as San Francisco prides itself on being a place for the homeless to live, steal, and do drugs it will be impossible to clean up BART, MUNI, or anything else for that matter. What exactly are the police supposed to do? They can ask them to leave, wake up the sleepers, and they'll just be right back there 15 minutes later.

Have you seen the stolen bike chop shop and parts mall that sets up in UN plaza? If SFPD can't clean something clearly illegal like that up, BART has no chance with simple trespassing.

And really, ALL of San Francisco downtown smells like a toilet, why would public transit be any different? Those amazing public toilets that everyone talks about re-opening in BART would be the same as the paid ones in SF. I watched one guy leave and another guy shove his way in to have a go at the toothless wonder who was working that day. No normal person would use a transit restroom in San Francisco, it would just be a place to shoot up and get a BJ at the same time.

I once had a vendor from northern New Jersey tell me he'd never bring his family to San Francisco because it's too dirty. That's just sad.