Oh my, could it be true?

Well, it seems for some reason all BART stations are suddenly afflicted with 'failing' escalators since the 4 day hissy fit the unions decided to throw and then forced back to work since they were barred from striking again for 60 days.

I guess things of this nature just suddenly manifest when unions don't get what they want.

Just yesterday, on my way to work (or as the unions say, on my way to magically conjure up money while drinking pina coladas on the beach since only 'union' workers 'actually' work) both stations had their main escalators (the longest ones is what I call the mains) blocked off 'out-of-order'.

On my way home, I started from a different station than I got off at and wow guess what...main escalator out-of-order. Down the steps I go, shoulder to shoulder, watching old short ladies barely keeping their feet under themselves until I reach bottom and see lines stretching longer than usual....oh yes, 8 car train after 8 car train...but thats another contention for another time.

On the train stop off to transfer and WOW another main escalator out-of-service. Climbing up stairs to my train off to home expecting to see the main escalator out-of-service, WOW it still is and no union worker sitting in the pit removing the parts, looking at them then reinstalling them all at a snails pace, of course.

So what does this all mean? It's the typical union tactic when in negotiations, the system the union is tasked with keeping going (whatever it may be) suddenly has these various hiccups, service lacks and excuses start flying. Ladies and Gentlemen, it's all a ruse and who does it really hurt in the end, you and I the taxpayers that are actually their bosses by right; we pay their salary.

And just to shut up any union parasite scumbag that wants to spread lies and rhetoric, here's a couple of bullet points pulled from BARTs Quarterly Service Performance Review April-June (right when their contract was coming up)

- Escalator availability goals not met and quarterly improvement trend not sustained, however May and June were better
- Complaints up compared to last quarter and last year

WOW. No excuses anymore. Fire them all.

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I guess then you are unwilling to believe that Management has cut the elevator/escalator staff down to the skeleton levels. Just as with the other front line workers, they have been overwhelmed with escalator and elevator failures. I guess you didn't hear about Management having to hire outside contractors to help pick up the slack because of their unwillingness to hire at the market rate for in house people mover mechanics. Here's one of the many safety issues that the unions are complaining about that you hear in the media.

Oh those scumbag Union members. Yep, far easier to blame us than hear about overworked and way understaffed positions that are causing injuries and more hazardous conditions. It's far easier to point the finger at the unions than to bother with WHY you are experiencing the glaringly crappy services or should I say LACK OF SERVICES.

When you get crappy services from a store or restaurant, you complain to MANAGEMENT.
Funny how you continually criticize the employees when they are doing as agreed upon contractually. Nobody pulled a fast one on anybody in past negotiations and the Union isn't about to let Management pull the bullshit they are trying to do now. That's why we are forced to strike.

But whatever, again it's easier to blame union members than hold management responsible for short staffing and the union busting bullshit they have decided to try. The funny thing is the union is trying to get BART to increase staffing levels. The jobs are there people, it's your BART management holding the bay area out from getting a good job, not us. Until then keep expecting the outstanding service MANAGEMENT is providing you.

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Guess what? Outside contract labor is MORE expensive. But wait, news flash... They have to be UNION contractors as well. Double whammy! Thanks for playing Lets catch a clue.

Not just your group. All groups have been pared to the bone. One maintenance worker for 3 stations? Who can blame them for calling in sick.

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Sorry I meant that as well, I just wrote it wrong.

"Just as with the other front line workers, they have been overwhelmed"