PODCAST - BART, stop wasting the cooling off period!! Go Working Class!

I believe that people are starting to realize that they have to fight for what they have, and fight to move forward. Otherwise they will end up being "contract labor" with no benefits or working some retail outfit for minimum wage (which is not a minimum wage anymore, it's way under poverty now).

I see many more unions standing up, good job and continue standing for your families..
SEIU City of Oakland workers,
City of Hayward workers,
ILWU, Teamsters,
ATU192 ACTransit,
ATU 1555 BART,
East Bay MUD,
San Jose 911 Operators,
Even the non-union fast food workers!
And several more unions representing thousands of Bay Area working families working without a contract.

And this is JUST Bay Area working class.. You're seeing the working class all across the nation standing up. So all you Wall St, union haters, rich, republicans, jealous (they got it, why should they), Entitled, Investor Class people, PBtttttt.. The poor and middle class are rising up, WalMart with one of the richest families employing the poorest of americans, you should be worried. There is something wrong when people vilify those making less than 75k when there are INDIVIDUALS making 200k, and up to tens of millions, while the working class fight for scraps..

Listen to this podcast (Even if you're against the worker, and pro managements) for the lastest show on BART , and also he has aquired some internal documents that he talks about on KGO Radio.
Anyway, looking forward to workers everywhere fighting for fair wages, against the profits of corporations and the wealty.. Because if you don't, we will be their servants forever working retail, or be contract labor with no benefits.

Sorry had to rant a little, so many people have asked me questions about those workers I know, and about 90% of the time they have incorrect or old information and they forget there are working people and their families trying to hold on, while their respective companies are and in some cases have been running surpluses due to the work of those workers. Many don't understand what they gave up over the last contracts. Many also seem to believe that when we talk about BART Union Worker you're talking about Operators and Agents, they only make up about 600 out of 2,500+ workers. None are "unskilled" if anything they have specialized skills.

"comrade" wow, When I hear that I think of a communist (even though it's not the same), exactly what I would call someone that's anti labor, anti working class American.. As in pro-dictatorship or a communist. Since that's what is happening with us going to where the 1% want us.. Under their "right to work" ways, or paying minimum wages below poverty, or having people suckered into contract labor, where they don't even have to pay benefits anymore..

I'm proud to live in the United States, proud to know people in the BART Unions, proud to be in my own union, if you don't like this "more perfect Union" (as in the U.S.) you can leave.. plane ticket over there, or take a boat.

Anyway their "OUTRAGEOUS" demands are they move forward after being down a minimum of 11% over the last two contracts and hundred of million of dollars in givebacks in those contracts. I'm sure that sounds so greedy too.. You probably could be a troll that feeds off the media that says they want a 20% raise (without realizing BART wants more than 20% in givebacks) for a net loss..

All unions (and even those that are not in a Union should stand up (GOOD JOB FAST FOOD WORKERS) ... Minimum wage should be MORE than poverty level.

I stand with workers.. Even BART with their surpluses they don't want to trickle down to their employees that make BART work, yet give themselves raises.. (see Republicans, that lie doesn't work).

"We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect **Union**, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence,promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

management should forfeit anything the workers are. the end.

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Does this mean we're not friends? Not even in China?