BART managers may drive some trains if 2nd strike

Alarmingly enough, not much appears to be happening at the BART bargaining table - but away from it transportation officials are in high gear planning how to handle a possible second strike, and those plans could include running limited BART trains driven by managers.

Negotiators met three times last week, reportedly making little progress and then taking Thursday and Friday off. They're expected to resume talks this week. If no agreement emerges before the end of a governor-ordered cooling-off period at 11:59 p.m. Oct. 10, a strike could erupt.

But while they're quick to stress that there is no possible way to make up for the loss of BART, which hauls about 400,000 people a day around the Bay Area, transportation officials are contemplating new ideas for coping with the potential loss of the region's transit backbone.

Perhaps foremost among them: BART is retraining some of its managers who formerly worked as train operators at a warehouse on Mare Island in Vallejo, and has said it is considering running very limited service if there's a strike.

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I think BART should devote as much energy to getting a contract as they are for what they are going to do if a strike happens. Thought the below "BART is Broken" video is of interest. There are only three "elected" transit agencies in the United States with lame boards of directors that know nothing about the job they've been appointed to do and two of them are BART and A/C Transit. Only a MORON would go for e-BART for the East Bay after East County residents have been paying property, sales and gas taxes up the ying yang for regular BART service for 40 years which isn't happening any time soon in East County. e-BART equals RIPPED OFF BY BART AGAIN. One good thing this video does says is that "if BART doesn't get its act together and get a contract, because of the detrimental effect it had on the economy during the last strike, government officials may very well come in and do it for them. So BART, of you don't want anyone butting into your business, Management better gets serious about getting a contract.

By the way there were two cars stolen at Concord BART yesterday off the second floor of the garage and one break-in I think passengers should have the right to know about crimes that occur on BART and its lots. Today when I came to work, it looked like every BART cop was over at Luiggi's with a couple of Concord PD cars.

I would like to know what someone does at BART to earn $400,000 a year. There is no way a Dorothy Duggert or a (dis)Grace deserve to be making that kind of money and having those benefit packages either. They need to rein in management salaries and benefits at the same time they do the worker contracts this time.

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BART WORKERS TRYING THERE BEST/ We have been there 24/7 to negotiate but BART Management walks out, They take their negotiations from the failing hired Tom Hawks. Check his record and his history. I leave it up to you to be informed.