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Sign online petition to ban BART strikes

Orinda city councilmember Steve Glazer has created an online petition to urge the California state legislature to pass a law banning strikes by BART and other public transit systems. To sign the petition, go to

Thats a GREAT idea. If it

Thats a GREAT idea.

If it gets enough support and the State creates and passes a bill then it will soundly violate section 13C of the Transportation Act of 1964 (which added BART later).

That Act soundly protects workers pension rights and collective bargaining rights, including but not limited to the right to strike.

Once enacted all Federal funding for BART will CEASE. The Feds have already told the California Department of Labor this and the California Department of Labor has advised the Governor that this is the factual case. This is why Brown won't enact emergency legislation - because he knows Sacramento won't want to foot the 100% cost for the new fleet and the other Federally funded BART elements - which are substantial.

So great! Get our there and spend a dollar to save a penny. Round trip from Walnut Creek to San Fransisco will then cost you 25 bucks and go up every year.

The pension contributions BART pays was done in lieu of a wage increase a long time ago. BART saved money as they did not have to pay employer taxes on that money, nor did they have to fully fund the pension contributions at the time it was enacted. In short BART took a tax break and a pension payment delay to fill their bonus coffers. Employees actually took it in the shorts as if the money had been a wage increase instead of pension contribution the money would have been calculated as wages for pension purposes.

BART employees have no issue paying the pension, however if BART is going to take going to take say 5% away in pension they have to give it back in a wage swap. That is a guarantee. If BART imposed a contract without it the Federal law says it's a 13C violation and State law says the workers are soundly worse off and will be entitled to unemployment insurance payments in the event of a strike.

So look at what BART Management is doing for you (after all they work for the Government and are here to help you);

1). Swap pension contribution with wages = increase payroll taxes to district.
2). Risk losing Federal funding for BART Capital projects = far more cost to ride BART, huge local and State tax hikes to pay for it.
3). Encourage a labor strike that will end up being paid by the the State unemployment insurance fund.
4). Pay out on lawsuit settlements on unfair labor practices that will probably as it stands today net every union worker at BART 5K = abt 13.5 million, plus the legal - and tht # will grow.

Your BART management has screwed you folks royally and many of you are lapping up the poison and asking for more.

Be informed and accurate, or stupid is as stupid does.

Go right ahead, sign away.

Good luck.

I Like how you tried to

I Like how you tried to simplify a very complex situation. BUT..

Don't try to educate people on this board.. It's relatively pointless, about 25% of the users here are vocal anti-worker types (They are not in the mood to change their mind no matter what proof you offer).

There are even people here that have drank the management Kool-aid and believe the unions are asking for 20% raises. And some believe the district is actually offering a 10% raise. So educating this board on "Facts" is like educating Romney on "Facts". Just doesn't work with Wealthy Republican types, their "beliefs" get in the way of the "facts".

People need to realize that offering 10% Salary increase, then asking for 10%+ of your salary to pay for other things = 0% (or less) for the families that work to pay bills.

What the unions are asking for basically equal to LESS THAN 2% / YEAR (remember their numbers are stretched out over the future 4 years).. Also remember that the last 8 years were backwards contracts ( I think they're down about 12%) for the workers, so if management has their way they will be about 12 YEARS without a pay increase. ( I bet most of you have had a raise in the last 8 YEARS or will get one in the future 4 Years .. )

LINK: BART numbers more appropriately discussed are not 21 and 10 but instead 6 and 0.

You know what, I wasn't going

You know what, I wasn't going to sign this petition, but your comments made me sign it, so thanks!

Signed it too.. I think they

Signed it too.. I think they SHOULD get unemployment insurance while on strike (Unfortunately, They DO NOT HAVE a Strike Fund). I also believe that if they had binding arbitration they'd get a fair raise of at the least Cost of Living plus a little. Especially since BART is showing record surpluses in money even after the Managers gave themselves raises.

I know the unions and management see it as a bad thing, but at least there would not be risk of a strike every 4 years (even though it's been a LONG time since the last one).
And since MUNI operators make MORE than BART operators they have a nearby comparison (plus they can compare to NY).

I think during "down years" binding arbitration's would work against the working class, but this time it's unfortunate they don't have binding arbitration. After 8 years of backwards contracts they'd get fair bump since they're pay is down 10-12% depending on where you get your numbers.

They'd be classified as "Essential" which would give them the retirement formula of other government unions like Fire and Police which would be a significant bump to their retirement (if you ask PERS, BART employees pensions formulas are near the middle/bottom of them).

I'm probably missing something, but all I see is a net gain for the working class people. You'd have 2,500+ working families in the Bay Area making and spending more. Hopefully you'd see BART getting more Federal and State money pumped into the Bay Area so that at the least people that work in San Francisco can live in San Francisco.

Hope more people sign it, but I hope they sign it because they know just a little bit more and it helps, and not because of what they "Think" it does.

Sign it because it's what benefits it might have to workers, and NOT because you're selfish and just don't want "Those people (fighting for their families) are ruining MY commute."

Who really needs to pay are the corporations that are given tax breaks, but reap the benefits of BART. (LOVE America, where the poor and middle class pay taxes, and the wealthy get many tax breaks as they make more money that the rest of us never get.)

Last note.. I think the Board of Directors should be appointed not elected.. Clearly the way management runs the show IS DYSFUNCTIONAL..

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Someone has to pay for their platinum benefits, and it sure as hell shouldn't be the riders who are barely scraping by.

So think about this... When

So think about this... When the strike is on just how much is the net loss for the riders, the workers, and the daily cash take from the "riders" who are actually paying the salary, making this mess run? Besides turning life into a total living hell for 400,000 people. Who is really loosing and who wins here? Really? This is totally disgusting and beyond ignorant. If NYC and Chicago and Boston can have a transit system and not allow a "Hostage" situation happen there and they still function, why can't we do that here? Has anyone of these brains picked up the phone and called these other city transportation agencies and asked, how does this really work? Think about it. Push government to pass a law to make these hostage actions stop!!!!

I wish you were in BART

I wish you were in BART Management!