BART Station Agent Convicted in eBay Ticket-Selling Scheme

More union slugs caught abusing the system. They already have it better than any of their peers, but even the best isn't good enough for these greedy trolls!

BART station agent and his wife have been convicted in connection with a long-running scheme in which she used the online marketplace eBay to sell tickets he had collected from riders, authorities said Thursday.

Avery Nulph, 40, pleaded no contest last Friday in Alameda County Superior Court to felony grand theft. His wife, 47-year-old Gladys Nulph, pleaded no contest to conspiracy to commit grand theft.

Both were given five years of probation and must pay more than $48,000 in restitution to BART by January - or else face a year in jail.

Investigators determined that from 2010 to 2013, Avery Nulph collected hundreds of tickets while working as a BART station agent. The agents have the discretion to allow riders to exit a station if the value of their tickets is within a dollar of the amount required.

In those cases, the agents are supposed to take the tickets, destroy them and put them in a bag that is picked up, officials said.

But Alameda County district attorney's Inspector Tom Simonetti suggested in a court affidavit that Avery Nulph collected the low-value tickets and then added value to them while he was working.

The upgraded tickets were then sold as new on Gladys Nulph's eBay account, with money from the sales deposited into her Wells Fargo bank account, Simonetti wrote.

Avery Nulph still faces possible discipline and termination from BART.

I am glad they were caught and punished. The disturbing part is that Nulph faces "possible" discipline. I can see him keeping his job until he is convicted because someone is innocent until proven guilty, but he's been convicted and should be fired immediately.

It's stuff like this that really pulls down morale, and reflects badly on all employees. I never stole a thing when I worked for BART, never got suspended or even reprimanded. It *ALWAYS* pissed me off when I'd see people get put on "paid leave" -- meaning they sit at home and collect full salary, often times the same as or more than me.

BART *REALLY* needs to look at boosting morale among employees--it's pretty low and stuff like this makes it lower.

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I'm sure all this mudslinging in the media is GREAT for morale!

Another LIE!