I really hope BART & the unions work out a contract today

...if for no other reason than I won't have to hear/see/read the constant fuckin' whining of over-privileged Bay Area commuters anymore! Christ on a crutch, will we have enough whaaam-bulances to deal with the fallout tomorrow if they don't come to terms?

As a long time BART rider and BARTRage reader, I'm genuinely curious about something: Let's say the Transbay Tube were rendered inoperable for an extended period of time for some technical reason. Would all you haters be sitting around pissing and moaning about how you were being "held hostage"? Something tells me you'd just suck it up and find another way to get to work, or work from home, or whatever. So what's the difference between that and a group of people inconveniencing you by fighting to keep what they have for the work they do?

It doesn't matter what they make versus what you make. If you wanna make what they make and you're qualified, go sign up and see if you can get in! It's that simple...you think you're so big and bad, and everybody there has an attitude, and you can do the job so much better for half the pay, then put some walk in your talk and go do the job! Prove them wrong.

Oh, but wait, you can't...because there aren't any openings...and the jobs themselves aren't as unskilled as they look, are they?

How dare unions want to keep the pay and benefits they have to live in an area whose cost-of-living to benefit ratio is so disproportionately out of scale due to stupid people with lots of money and no fuckin' common sense.

Yeah, yeah, I know. I'm a pro-union shill, paid by them to piss in the wind against a bunch of over-entitled foamers. Save it.


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Where is the like button. echo

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Wow bartarded you out of meds again. Guess that job at Walmart being a greeter is not working for you. You should apply at BART.GOV

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What's this? Two opinions in one thread? Blasphemy!