Feeling the rage! top complaints.

Wanted to make a raw, full of rage top list of complaints. It will be in format of complaint and then one line directed to the offender. Feel free to follow my post with your own similar complaints. This should be fun.

*Dick head idiot gang banger types who come on and start playing with their weed on the trains: Hey fuck face, that shit stinks even if you're not smoking it.
*People who insist on talking obnoxiously loud for no apparent reason: Hey ass wipe, I am trying to listen to my music. You mind shutting the fuck up?
*People who choose to stand with their ass in your face when there are plenty of other places to stand (even in some cases seats still avail): Move your smelly ass out of here asshole.
*Bums! Who let all this riff raff onto the train?
*People who don't bathe: Look bitch, it's called a shower. Try it FFS
*People who take two seats for no good fucking reason: Oh I see your bag needs it's own fucking seat. Turns out my foot needs it's own seat too... in your ASS!
*BARTS Prices: Oh you mean all I have to do is bend over and get anal raped and then you'll drop me off safely at work? Thank you BART!
*UNIONS!! nuff said, fuck those assholes

And my number 1 complaint for now...

*People who sit in the bike seats when there are a fuck ton of other seats: HEY ASSHOLE, you just took the only seat I can reasonably use and sit while holding my bike. Now I either have to be a douche who sits with his bike in the handycap seats (taking up two seats) or stand. You really can't sit somewhere else? you fucking damn fucker I hate you!! (I end up standing)

Hey you...Bike Dick...Stick it in yo' ass!