Unions = Better Pay by Hostage Negotiations

Let's be perfectly clear on this, shall we?

Unions at one time were necessary. Big corporations did in fact take advantage of the worker. No one would argue the generalization of that statement back in the day. Fast forward to now though and guess what? Everything the union fought to protect the worker from is NOW ENFORCED AND THE WORKER PROTECTED UNDER AND BY FEDERAL LAW!!!!


"So if that's the truth, obsgone" you may ask, "then why do we have unions today?"

Well, simply...


And a myriad of other unsavory human traits...most a mixture that morphs a typical person into some sort of leech who sucks his or her existence solely off the hard work of others.

The point of this little piece is simple. BART unions cannot strike under law unless they meet two criteria, one being safety. This is why they are asking for bullet proof glass not that its necessary nor that any of their safety claims are really. These are just presented so legally they can strike.

This strike is nothing short of greed. In a system where workers can double their salary while not putting forth any extra effort, actually can pull down an above average salary for little to no work as it is, pay $92 a month for unlimited family member medical and nothing into a pension that will in fact bankrupt CA 15-20 years from now they state they 'DESERVE' a raise...from a 'SECURE' job when the multitudes (twice in the last 10 years) have lost jobs, homes, retirement accounts, etc...THEY DESERVE?

F the unions, kill the negotiation, let them strike and FIRE THE BUMS!!!

Think this is all BS? Just search the term 'SEIU Corruption' go ahead, it makes a person sick to see what they're up too. And even sicker the sheep they represent...they don't care! They'll go rabid on the picket lines and they all don't deserve even the paychecks they're originally receiving!!


Remember, everyone loves FUnions...F the UNIONS!

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After this can't wait for legislation in the future that forces their unions for a no strike clause...if they get their way this time. Then next time they'll get the same raises like we get. You know if we get lucky once in a while at the rate of 1% that won't even cover a cost of living increases.

Thanks alot Bart

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Hummm this country was built on unions, unless your a communist.