BART Workers - Go Find Real Jobs in the Private Sector

Let me give you a preview of basic manual labor in the private sector (no high school degree needed)

Wage: $10 / hour
Benefits: none
Vacation: 2 weeks
Schedule: whenever your boss tells you

That's why every BART opening has 200k applications - you are all over paid already!


National AVERAGES , per First figure is without average bonus and FICA, second is with EMPLOYER SHARE of FICA (BART employees don't get bonuses or Social Security). These are all Union positions at BART and their salary is well in line with the private sector. And, unlike BART, I bet most of these people aren't punching a time clock or being docked pay if they're a couple minutes late. BART wants you to think only the Union has stupid work rules (and some of them, like the faxing, ARE dumb) but management has just as many stupid rules.

Elevator Repair person -- $67,451 ($73,584)
Network Engineer -- $98,574 ($108,200)
Structural Engineer -- $101,295 ($111,800)
Accountant -- $68,179 ($73,292)