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When I log in and see three threads with 30,40,50 responses all between two trolls having a pissing contest on the internet, that is where I have to draw the line. Some of the accounts are new, a few are not so new, and then there's Bartarded. I should have banned you a long LONG time ago, but I put up with your shit because, for the most part, it was on topic. Well, congratulations if you were trying to see how far you could go, you found it.

For the record here is what I have done.


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And because you three were in on those last three pissing matches ON NOTICE:

Anyone who has registered within THREE DAYS of 10/20/2013 I will ban you without a second thought. Even better, make that TWO WEEKS.

I deleted 9 threads full of this bullshit.

Jerry brown sides with management
Union leader case to scum
union strike causes two
welcome to the crab
this is selfishness at its wors
a job hunting goes a job hunting
Union letter to bart management
I really hope bart and the unions work out a contract
i hope bart and the unions wallk out

Last time I did this I tried to be all nice and establish rules, well nope. Don't be a dickhead troll and you'll be fine, that's the rule.


Thanks for coming through and cleaning up after the pissing contest treo.
Glad to see you again

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Thank you TreoBART. He was bringing out the worst of me. Sorry for the pissing contest, will comment appropriately in the future.

Right On Treo!
This is the sexiest post. I'm totally turned on right now.

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Thor called, he wants his hammer back.