Banning the Unions from striking.

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There is a movement to ban BART strikes legally by changing the law. The contention is that BART is essential to the Bay Area and and to the safety of the people in it. If you believe this to be true then the ATU of 800+ people(Station agents/transportation clerks/foreworkers/Train Operators} would have to be declared safety sensitive. If this happens we would be placed in the same category as Police and Fire fighters. This would end the right to strike but we would be compensated and benefited like them as well.

Basically the option is:

A. Go through this contract negotiation process every four years as decreed by law allowing management and the unions to do their laundry on your back in the media.

B. Change the law having the ATU Declared safety sensitive, resulting in similar compensation/benefits as police/firefighters ending the drama via mediation.

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Muni is not considered essential to the safety of SF or the bay area.

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Not a contradiction. I didn't say A or ANY transit union, I am talking about ATU 1555 only. My case can be made for little Tri Delta Transit in Antioch being essential if that were true. The Politicians and Media have stated that BART is essential to public safety and state commerce. Ask anybody on this forum or currently commuting if the BART strike affects them financially.

Muni? no.

So yes, it is possible for ATU1555 not to get declared safety sensitive but for this particular transit union and the responsibility it bears v/s others there is no comparison in this state. The law if changed as you were to suggest, would be challenged immediately tying things up in court for years at an even more cost to taxpayers probably resulting in option B anyway.

It would be far easier and cheaper in the long run to have the 800+ union employees at the very core of BART go this route keeping the stations open and trains moving even if there is a labor dispute with the other unions going on. That's just like the Police or your firefighters unions do.

800+ people are the core that physically keeps THE ENTIRE BAY AREA MOVING. If option B were in place the other unions would likely be just as happy with a third party mediator. I would guess the other unions and especially SEIU would be happy as they are treated like fresh watery shit by management.

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I find in my research that MUNI was voting on a strike in 2011. When did a law pass since that time that MUNI was no longer allowed to strike?