BART board of directors votes to allow bikes on BART at all times

No articles yet out on the change, but reporters on Twitter are reporting that the BART board of directors unanimously voted to allow bikes on BART at all times.

Personally my two cents is that BART should have not made this change at least until the new train cars begin to be rolled out which from what I've seen are designed to take into account bike usage. Interestingly enough Antonette Bryant opposed the rule change saying there is no way to enforce bike rules and bikes pose an evacuation hazard. Did this issue come up during the negotiations?


That is great news. I ride BART during the commute and I haven't seen any issues with bikes during the recent tests. I've actually noticed fewer bikes on commute trains than before the test period. If bikes are an evacuation issue, then so are strollers, luggage, wheelchairs, etc. And to say there is no way to enforce bike rules, that is typical BART. You enforce the bike rules just like you enforce any other BART rule, you either tell them as they are coming thru the gates, you make an announcement over the intercom, or you call BART police (over the intercom). Isn't that what station agents and BART police are there for? Banning bikes on BART just means fewer parking spaces available for auto drivers, which mean more costs for BART (and ultimately its riders) to construct more parking.

I think luggage, golf clubs, surf boards, etc., are much more of a safety issue currently than bikes on BART. These people have so much crap, I'm wondering why they are using BART to get to the airport. There ought to be a size carry-on rule like the airlines have for luggage. Strollers need to be kept OFF of the escalators too.

So I wonder how much the total vandalism bill is going to be. WTH was BPD doing during the strike?

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I've only seen a badly behaving bicyclist once or twice since the trial period first started. I'm fine with the new rules. If I weren't afraid of getting killmurdered riding in SF, I might bike to BART occasionally. It's not like the ones who break the rules now were paying attention to them before.