Did BART rip off Livermore taxpayers?

Voters in Livermore voted to approve a property tax hike to pay for a BART extension to Livermore, but do you notice something fishy about BART's options on what to do with the money?

sounds like they are going to do the same to Livermore that they did to East County residents in Contra Costa, ghetto E-BART or nothing at all. East County residents have paid property taxes for BART service for the entire time BART has been open and before and they don't have jack shit for transportation, including decent bus service.

A "no build" alternative is required under CEQA and NEPA. Every major project must go through this project. This way the stakeholders can see what conditions would be like in the future if no action is taken, versus if various project alternatives are constructed. It's not fishy - it's called knowing what you're going to get for your investment!

h'mmmm; I've been learning a bit about the CEQA process lately because we homeowners are trying to save our hills from that douche bag Albert Seeno; don't know anything about NEPA but will read up.