Montgomery train at 6:30 this morning smelt like its breaks were burning

Well, no one wanted to tell the T.O. since that of course would stop the train.. Way to keep the schedule people.

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Odds are the T/O already called a tech to intercept and handle the problem on the fly with no delay to the system. It would be nice to intercom the car # to the T/O. They then could relay the info to the central tech controller and the tech could be at the correct door marker when the train pulls into the station.

We only get an indication there is a problem but not necessarily what car it's in so in a ten car train it could get to be a bug hunt.

B.T.W. unless it's a catastrophic mechanical issue or a safety of passenger issue BART will NOT take a train out of service. Techs are constantly trouble shooting or intercepting trains all the while the passengers may not even notice. So for every train that has to go out of service a hundred to easily a thousand were fixed on the fly. The public rarely hears about it because they have their own radio channel that T/O's contact them and the tech controller on.