Board of Directors may turn down contract

First of all, the GM, AGM, and the management team involved in the negotiations should be fired. This particular section of the TA was 'in stone' back on July 11. To blame a temporary employee is scandalous. Management kept leaving the table to crunch the numbers, well, didn't they see the impact on family leave? If this isn't enough to ask for the GM and AGM's resignation, then hiring Hock and authorizing the training of desk jockeys to run trains should do them in.

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WOW. you sign a contract, you have a complete staff review said contract, you get contract that was fair, Now you decide no. Glad you were not building a house for me or even closing a business deal!....Lets see:
noun: contract; plural noun: contracts

a written or spoken agreement, esp. one concerning employment, sales, or tenancy, that is intended to be "enforceable by law".
"both parties must sign employment contracts"
synonyms: agreement, commitment, arrangement, settlement, understanding, compact, covenant, bond;

So you signed, agreed, and pushed the unions into this contract by badgering them against the public, paid 400,000 to union buster Tom Hawks who also signed, paid for Buses which never were used but paid for, (Tom Hawks owned), Paid Millions to have people do the contract, Paid Millions to other outside resources to bust the UNIONS..... and now that public has cooled down, even tho your incompetence has caused two deaths, You as BART decides no I think we want to change the contract....WHO DOES THIS IN THE REAL WORLD! A CONTRACT IS A BINDING AGREEMENT! So Now BART is still forcing a strike against the public! FIRE THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS, FIRE GRACE,Get new management in there that understands that it is a public service and not a business! Let the public get back to work and their lives without worries. This is BULLSHIT!

If there's another strike, or even if this isn't wrapped up VERY soon, you're going to see A LOT of employees bailing from BART. We can't hire anyone new until the contract is settled and lots of us who DON'T get overtime are sick of working 12+ hour days because we're doing jobs that used to be done by two or sometimes three people.

Not going to ignore all the calls/e-mails from headhunting agencies anymore, that's for sure!

jonnywad no kidding..

Heard there was a 16 year old jumped in front of a train at El Cerrito Del Norte the other day.


What a way to be cruel to the workers as well as your family.

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I am sure bartarded will be back under a different name.... However, the fact that a teenager felt life was not worth living is a tragedy. Unfortunately, that tragedy will now live with the Train Operator forever. People do not understand what Train Operators face on a daily basis.

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