A Social Network for BART Rides

So, I know what we're all *really* worked up about are the more rage-inducing problems like late trains, inconsiderate people, etc. But I've been curious about other angles that can be taken in terms of making BART a better experience, and I have one I'd like to share with you all.

"Familiar" is a concept for a social network that only exists on a BART ride, for the duration of that ride. The parameters of the network are pretty simple... the ability (via smartphone app) to see others with the app on your ride with you, to chat with them, and, if both sides desire, to find each other in physical space on the train.

A useful mechanism, perhaps, for either bemoaning the inconsiderate guy who won't move out of the way of the doors, or for just making a new contact during an otherwise dull 30 minutes.

There's a more detailed (but still concise) writeup as well as semi-designed concept screens up on my blog:

I'd appreciate any thoughts and feedback.

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saw this in the movie "hit and run" with Dax Sheppard and Kristen Bell with that souped up Lincoln. It was an app for gay guy's to hook up with others nearby.