Things I have seen on BART

1. Saw a woman with her scarf caught in the door as the train left the station. Operator wasn't looking.
2. Operator opened door over freeway 680 on way to walnut creek
3. Operator closed door on a woman with a baby carriage.
4. Guy taking a piss in the corner
5. Announcement that all trains were on time when they were 15 to 20 minutes late
6. Train going to Walnut Creek switched to Richmond

Never have I seen such a fucked up transit system with such a bunch of incompetent staff, police, management etc. Clusterfuck is the best description.


Really? You demand perfection out of a public transit system that charges less than a bus ride that takes you to a different city?

At times I wish BART was at least as expensive as CalTrain. Might reduce the number of people on it all while making the same amount of money AND would probably end up reducing the amount of homeless that use BART.

Seriously $1.85 gets you usually two cities away? Less than $2.00 for ALL DAY parking. Look around and compare prices.. You pay WalMart prices you get WalMart quality. Try driving(gas)/bridge price/parking per day and it's cheap.

Besides these crappy fare hikes only pays for BART Managements pet projects. The money is not used for operations or salaries of people that work the trains.. It goes to salaries of managers and capitol projects (future).

I will play the one up game with this ...since I see the same stuff (or new versions of it ) daily in nearly EVERY city I am in...OP makes it seem this is/ are BART only problems , they are not ...not by a long shot.

1. "Saw a woman with her scarf caught in the door as the train left the station. Operator wasn't looking."

Was she coming into the train ?
Or was it out of the train and she was on the platform as the train pulled out...scarf in tow?

If it was the first one , I CHALLENGE you to see the tip of a scarf in the door from the train cab area...CHALLENGE you.

The second one, not good but a fast tug on the scarf and it would be solved , unless the said scarf was actually tied to the inside of the train OR to another person in the train...or was some kind of ninja bolo thing.

Watched a woman get her arm stuck in the elevator at the _____ bank building because she didn't want to wait an extra 30 sec for the elevator NEXT to the one she was now blocking.
Not sure how she managed to not trip the safety sensors (I guess you actually CAN be too thin!), lucky for her 2 guys pulled the doors open enough for her to clear her arm before anything major happened.

2. "Operator opened door over freeway 680 on way to walnut creek"

Was the train stopped when this door opening happened? Details please.

Saw a ____ bus rolling down Market with it's back door open , everyone in the back seemed to enjoy the breeze.

Maybe no one said anything because , no one in the back had actually paid for their ride and didn't want to "rock the boat".

The world may never know.

3. "Operator closed door on a woman with a baby carriage."

____ bus driver closed the doors on an elderly man she had just waved to, then started cussing at him as if He was the one who closed the door.

4." Guy taking a piss in the corner"

Go to market street , take a giant inhale ...that isn't french perfume you are smelling ma'am/sir.(Try Drumm street near the BART elevator if you want a specific place)

I work in SF ,Oakland ,Bay Point and Berkeley ....I have seen body fluids of all types (some I wasn't sure actually came from the human body) come out of all manners of people , in all manners of places at get the idea.

People are gross , News flash, I know.

And people evacuating fluids in trains,in stations,around stations happened before 9-11 , just in case you thought otherwise.

5. "Announcement that all trains were on time when they were 15 to 20 minutes late"

Airports , I win.

Bus stations , I win again.

Everything is on time , until it isn't.

6. "Train going to Walnut Creek switched to Richmond"

Road work that was not announced before suddenly closing off parts of 880 so Caltrans could....make more potholes from what I could tell.

In store pickup arranged for Hayward store only to find out when I got there that it was in Richmond.

Now one up is done...for now;)

Here is My personal favorite thing I see , nearly daily on BART.

Person runs up to a ticket machine , muscles another patron out of the way to get a ticket , muttering ,"fucking making me late!", "oh come on!" or one of the other many ways of vocalizing that is some one else's fault that I am late ... while dipping his/her credit card into the machine , backwards .
Then after 2-3 times of dipping the card , they start the "3 year old doing the pee pee dance" routine and getting huffy , jamming the card HARDER into the machine , as if the improved friction will somehow counter the stripe still being on the wrong side.

Meanwhile (15 seconds has passed) Their train is pulling into the station.
Hearing this our huffy pee pee dancing patron becomes more agitated and starts cussing at any random thing they can see , all the while...still not seeing the card is wrong.
Some one behind them has "mercy" and tells them , " Hey flip your card this way" indicating the side the stripe should be on.

Huffy pee pants , turns (taking more time) looks at the person who offered the rare gesture of mercy , and either glares at them (more time) or tells them to fornicate off with a large garden vegetable in a not so hygienic place.

Huffy pee pants finally figures out how to actuate his card , and now doesn't remember how much it costs to get to ...whatever paradise it is they want to go to , so they look at the price chart again (more time...) then adjust the amounts on the machine.

Huffy gets their ticket , grabs their ..whatever they have and muscles by another patron , dashing up the stairs , 2 -3 at a dash...only to get 1/2 way up and hear "their train" pulling out without them.

Their entire body deflates while standing in the middle of the stairs.

This , this is the worst thing that can happen to Huffy Pee Pants.

The indignity of being left behind by "their train" .
Their train should have known , and should have waited.
Huffy is left abandoned , emotionally empty and cold on that BART platform.
Through no fault of their own, at all...ever.

Total elapsed time?
Give or take 2 min from Huffy Pee pants first brush against another patron to deflating on the stairs.

If only Huffy pee pants had used 15-20 min more "lag time" .
if only some one had told Huffy this tip at some point in their life.

If only.

If only.

Like I tell people ALL the time...
"The only problem with public transit is the public"



The socioeconomic class of the public that is on your particular type of transportation and you see the difference.

Simply compare the type of people you have on all the different types and prices of transportation.

With BART, lower the price and see what you get, raise the price, again, see what you get.. BART is way to cheap right now, almost a rolling homeless shelter of sorts right now. Cheaper than a Bus.