Return to the Mother Ship

OK so the District rids itself of the Rudy's last month. Of course the two fat ass fucks that caused all the problems protected there space in the buffet line and fired a Rudy over signing the labor agreement. What a joke.

These fat fucks hired some clown at a cool have million to bring expertise to the bargaining process. Arent there the same lard asses that hired two executive managers that did not last 30 months combined here at BART. Give me a break. These wide asses can not evaluate talent because they have none themselves.

Get rid of this powered doughnut act already.........

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Wow, a powered donut, that sounds cool. Does it glow in the darK?

Come on, you know the AGM and GM that signed the contract are not going to fire themselves. Called a scapegoat, the lowest manager at a high level that they can fire (well not "fire", I figure they gave him a "Deal" on taxpayers expense). Even though he was not a party to the F-up, his signature is there AND his title was Labor Relations Manager.. Easy pick-off there.
I see it a just a continuance of the manipulation of the public.. Look through this board and you read all the posts from people that drank the managements cool-aid and are believers of them. Rich folk are pro's at getting the poor to feed on themselves, otherwise votes would remove their power. Their money controls our minds, our media, and our lives.
Anyone know if/what "deal" he got?
A supervisor told me he wasn't there long enough to be fully vested in taxpayer funded retirement, she felt that they would vest him somehow. Anyone know?

I'm always amused how the rich can be fired (CEO, BANKERS, Directors) and get HUGE payouts. When the rest of us get fired, we feel the boot on our backs