The bikes are becoming a nuisance.

I've been noticing recently that bike riders abandoned any semblence of courtesy and take their precious climate saviors to their seats with them. Not only do they block the next seats but the aisles as well. So much for that grand experiment.


"Green Elite and their rolling coat hangars"

Classic line.

Is anyone surprised? Unfortunately the bike can be a very handy too to barge one's way onto the train and to conveniently block a seat (or more).

I know that it might seem that this is not working, but push the BART Board to listen to us when we ALL SAY that there should be a car, or 1/2 a car with bike racks and standing room would be so easy, and make so much sense, that it will never happen.

•Bikes are never allowed on crowded cars (there must be enough room to comfortably accommodate you and your bicycle)
Please enforce this rule. The tension among the passengers on commute trains are very high due to the sardine pack trains. When someone pushes a bike in to them when they are crowded like this it can lead to violence or harsh words. Bart is doing a poor job with this problem.

Bikes are frequently found on the first car and crowded cars because T/Os won't enforce
the rule. They need their own car.

This makes sense. A car for bikes only. Standing room only. How hard could this be to get going??

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Next to impossible.

BART is constantly building up or breaking down long trains throughout revenue and non revenue hours. It is done to save wear and tear hours and required maintainence for each car. Then add to that logistics exercise, cars that break down or are vandalized/damaged. Also, cars are taken out of service for various "substances" to be cleaned. Then there is the whole ADA regulations for senior seats and "mobility assistance devices". Last but not least, the uproar by pedestrians complaining about not having seats. I don't think critical mass has endeared itself to the local bipeds as well.