Another Quarter Mil Consultant

OK, when will Moe, Larry and Curly learn. Here we go with another quarter million dollar consultant to tell the public what went wrong in negotiations. At the end of the day, the report should be worth five cents. Egos and assholes is what went wrong. The workers wanted a simple cost of living raise plus a bean or two for the past 4 years of zip and management put up the middle pinky. Mgt determined that our place in society was too high and we needed to continue to tumble down the class scale. Yet they demand top performance. These clowns did not even read an agreement worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Pathetic. You want to play tough guy, gal or half/half that is fine. But when you stop receiving a million a day or more in revenue from fares, plus inconvenience to the 400K daily riders, time to put down the burrito and think twice. Since mgt is hiring another circus act consultant to pen the report, just how biased do you think it will be?

$250k for a village idiot to tell the board what went wrong? One word: Hock.

I'd like to see the BART Board record as to which board members voted for this consultant.