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BART to create app for contacting BART PD

Great idea, but how are people going to use this when large parts of the system has no/very bad cell phone coverage? (especially data, which you would need for sending pictures)

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I would imagine it is more

I would imagine it is more about giving people different "options" for ways to report/contact BART PD rather than ...a one shot sure fire way.

But yes, cell service is not every place BART runs

I suggested this a year ago

I suggested this a year ago on this site. I'm glad to see it has finally happened. We can't always get to an intercom to report problems on packed trains during commute hours. Even if we have access to the intercom to call the TO, you never know if the perp is a psycho who will go into a rage when they hear you reporting them. No, there isn't mobile service on the entire line, but this is a step in the right direction. Well done, BART.

A new app? That sounds great,

A new app? That sounds great, now instead of female BART employees having to text other BART police officers for assistance from the ladies room when they are hiding there from a BART officer that is sexually assaulting them they can use the new app. Nice.






Beep beep.