Car theft and incresing crime at Hayward Bart Statn.

Yesterday, my daughter car was stolen from the bart stations and it was found next day at E street near elementary school. Not sure if this was some school kid (or) professional car theif. I want to contact the elementary school to check if they have any video recording of car and theif.

Car conditions was so bad with both Airbag busted and Power Steering wheel so hard, that it won't move.

I am surprised, in this information technology age, why don't Hayward county don't have camera at every floor for monitoring the activity, they have police room there at the bart, Police folks can monitor those camera (or) away keep it in recording mode and fall back when there is crime recorded.

I really feel sad for my daughter, she work hard does part time job and goes to college to finish her studies, I paid her for used car so she can do partime job and drive from Home to Bart and vice versa. after her late night shift. insurance was 3rd party, Geico flatly denies covering any repair expense, and hundred of dollar charged by Miers Towing co. we initially thought theft & fire was covered by 3rd party insurance.

Hayward, Crime rate is getting from bad to worse. Its disturbing lot of life, no wonder white collar people don't want to buy home in Hayward because of increasing crime, property prices are still depressed so is the Tax revenue, Hayward Governor should get the wake up call to do something to fix the security near Bart parking.

Video security & alarm system at Bart would help, may be if Governor should think of privatizing the security system at Bart Parking and other places, so if there is crime recorded in the video system, private companies can sell that info. to the aggrieved party and to police so they can nab the criminal and make Hayward a safer place to live.


Honda? Toyota? Mid-90's vintage? Easy to steal. It takes 30 seconds to enter and get going. Ignition switch probably jammed thus affecting steering. Probably juveniles needing a quick ride.