Car of the future preview

Went to the car of the future preview this week. Not bad at all--yes, the seats are rather cramped, but less so than I thought they'd be. I can actually sit down properly in them, which I hadn't expected to be able to do, as I'm 6'7" tall. I also liked the displays inside that show a live map and the current station, though the displays could be larger to be more readable from across the car.

What did others think?


Yes, a few less seats ("up to 4.6 seats per car"), but more cars, supposedly. See for more details. I'm not thrilled by that, but I've got to concede that I don't really see an alternative without massive expenditures to increase the length of every platform in the system. Still, it'll kinda suck for the folks that need to ride a long way at peak periods.

Sorry, I don't believe WORD ONE from BART when it comes to improved services for passengers. BART only believes in serving itself.

Was a tad ...ok a good bit more than disappointed that there wasn't the original planned 3 door set ups.
Colors, who cares..they will be bart brown on the seats soon enough...all of them should be dura coated fiberglass or stainless steel for cleaning sake.
Bring a stadium pad if you want comfort;)...bart will sell you one !

Make the seats "fold down" style.
1 You can have more space for luggage / Bikes/ whatever AND seating on a fold down bike seat just a tad bigger.
2. It will make it "less" likely for the homeless to set up shop on a small seat..without bringing extra equipment anyway.

Make all the backs very low, just enough to hit the average persons mid back.
Your not at home on the couch binge watching Breaking Bad, you shouldn't be in that seat so long as to need a lot of padding,support.

Put cleaning "slats" on the lower joint areas of the floors.
Have the slats be accessible from the outside by the cleaning crews at the end of the line, open the slats and power wash everything inside the cars after a run.

Meh, a person can dream anyway.

there will be 3 sets of doors on each side of the train, the preview car was only 2/3's of a car, a whole 70+ foot car would be too hard to lug around to show off.

BART is delusional if they think the current fleet will last until 2017 when the new cars arrive! But, what else is new with a bunch of jokers that give themselves 3.7% raises and leave everyone stranded once a week with a suicide.

Good good, Only passed by the model so I didn't get the "details".