Aggressive Pan Handler who states son is stuck at airport

If you are riding Bart and a guy announces in a loud voice that his son is stuck at the airport because his bag is overweight and needs cash DO NOT GIVE HIM MONEY! It is a scam. He claims to be military and works at Kaiser but does not have money. He is a male black, approx. 6'0/muscular build, bald headed and wearing glasses. This piece of crap does this constantly and preys on the generosity of people who actually think he needs help. He collects money and quickly gets off the train. Yesterday he got off at Concord. Very aggressive. Don't give him anything, please pass on.

His son has been stuck there a lonnnnnggg time. I saw his performance about 2 weeks ago. I couldn't believe people forked over money. The military, BART Police and Kaiser mentions are to lend authenticity to his story. He speaks and moves quickly so people don't have time to realize there's flaws in his little story. Just another way to part the naïve and their money. I hollered out to him, "How many pounds is it overweight?" but he ignored me.

My sister-in-law and I were sharing BART stories the other day, and we both mentioned the son-stuck-at-SFO-guy. She said that a few weeks ago a woman on her train saw him and shouted to the rest of the train "I gave him $20 last week - don't give him anyting - he's a fraud!". Apparently, he didn't seem to appreciate his potential donators hearing the truth and left.

There's also a guy who asks for $3.00 every day to add fare to his BART ticket or he will be stranded. Every day? P.S. He reeks of cigarettes....wonder how he pays for them?