Train left Fremont about 5 minutes early

It threw my entire schedule for the day in the city, for which I was already significantly tardy, completely off!

Too bad you hadn't arrived at the station 15 min early.

When you take public transit is better to leave yourself MORE time than less.

General rule of thumb, for nearly everything in life.

Since you posted on a Sunday , I would assume it means you were left at the station this Sunday ?

I thought bart was running more/longer trains for this sundays pride events?

Don't make that was just early for the next one.

TIME FOR A NEW BART BOARD PRESIDENT TOO; GET RID OF JOEL KELLER, HE PERSONALLY RUINED ANTIOCH WHEN HE WAS MAYOR. I will be voting for a new Board member too; BART Board of Directors MUST GO just for the way they handled or didn't handle the strike and for hiring that douche bag strike breaker from CHicago for $500K plus.