What to do

on Feb 10,14 I was coming down the escalator and I heard a loud clank like something broke a second later the escalator suddenly stopped. I was thrown forward I held on to the rail to break my fall. the agent asked me if I was ok and rushed and blocked off the bottom and the top. I asked him what had happened his reply was "I don't know sometimes they just stop. Bart PD came and took a report and also the agent. the agent called a ambulance. and I was taken to the emergency were xrays showed that I had trauma to my neck shoulders and lower back. I was taken off work for a month and since the incident I have had to go to the emergency for a severe neck and shoulder spasms I have been going to the doctor where they have stated to give injections in my neck.
I am going to file a claim in a couple of days(By Aug 9 ) should I get a lawyer or small claim court.

Anytime you go into court for ...anything...get a lawyer.

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Small claims only pays out so much, definitely find a lawyer.

unless you were flung off of the escalator i don't see how you have that much trauma to any part of your body. on the other hand, bart has an entire floor of the kaiser building devoted to dealing with all of the people who claim to have been hurt on the trains or in the stations so you may as well get in line and hope to get lucky.