Quarter Mil Consultant

Anybody know what ever happened to the Rocket Scientist the District hired to explain the f ups of negotiations from last years>

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You would have to be more specific as to whom you refer.

Rocket scientist #1 is still General Mismanager.

#2 is Still a Spin Dr./Propaganda and media manipu-liar.

#3 Left Town as soon as the $500k check cleared.

Didn't BART say it was spending another $200,000 on a consultant to find out why,how,where the negotiations went wrong ? Oh NM they won't be done for awhile...probably will have "cost over runs" like the bay bridge.

Oh...by the way...BART is still not done with the contract negotiations for all it's employees.

Well, there was a ...brief ...thing...in the SFGATE online rag that stated the "findings" of the latest consultant.

Seems to have been buried pretty fast.


We all need to "eye roll" a bit more don't we?;)

To put extra salt in it ....
The Guardian (not my go to source for info but ...it mentioned it so...) also had an article on the findings as well.