man sleeps on bart!

haha, i recorded this with my cell phone.


click here to watch

This is fucking stupid. Tons of people nap on BART, what's so interesting about this? You're a moron.

i thought it was funny.

Most people that work long days find the shriek of the tracks going through the transbay tube to be a lullaby that sucks them into sleeping. Thank god I'm at the end of the line or I'd miss my home station every time. ZzzzzZZZZzzzzZZZ.


who cares

is this suppose to be funny? How about taking videos of the disgusting floors and homeless people that ride bart all day? now that would be good since the surveilance(sp?) cameras don't work.

cameras work in the cars that still have them..

If you can see a camera when you look in the box. Otherwise its just black plastic.

remember when wacking off look directly at the camera

Amateur. Next time get something halfway interesting like snoring or something. How about the poor sap who was on the Dublin line 2 weeks ago and rushed to get one of the last two seats in the back of the train when everyone else avoided them like the plague...he started snoring and slumped over, then his ipod slipped from his hand into some stranger's pile of vomit on the floor below him. That's clip-worthy.

That's gross and disgusting but it's also true. BART passengers don't look before setting a bag down on the floor, especially when they put it under the seat. I wonder how many people have retrieved their bags before off-boarding only to find some kind of human waste on their belongings? It's not worthy of being video taped and put on youtube. It would be nice if someone who had video taped something like that would send a copy to BART's Board of Directors.