Breathe ... Breathe in the Air

Nothing worse than standing in a packed car and having to breathe in some person's armpit with no air flowing through the car. For the sake of the species, please keep the air flowing!


Report broken climate systems in cars.

If you don't

No one else will!

I don't think any climate system can deal with how much BART is packing those cars. I can't believe they aren't including on the BART's Board of Directors agenda for this evening on how to provide better and more comfortable service to passengers. Too many delays!!! BART has become very uncomfortable. You can't park, you can't ride, you can get in and out of the station easily, you have to put up with the nasty smells throughout the system as well as a host of other problems, as well as being left stranded during medical emergencies or BART shutdowns which seem to be a weekly occurrence of late. BOO BART, get your act together. BART is crazy if it thinks its current fleet will last anywhere near 2017. I can't believe we don't have new cars already given the amount of money BART wastes on crap like studies such as "what went wrong in the last strike." if BART can't figure that out, they need to clean house.

I'm thinking that BART's Board of Directors don't ride the stinky trains. Ewww, and what about the folks that smell like an ashtray? Yuck!