Service Animals "The law"

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Just a note on service animals.

#1 The "Rules" for service animals have changed and this is by law, not by BART.

#2 There are only two animals that are now recognized as service animals; Dogs and Mini Horses. I feel sorry for the dude with the service chicken near 16th and mission.

#3 Because of all the complaints and obvious bullshitters ALL psychiatric/Emotional support/Comfort dogs are now CONSIDERED PETS as defined by law except for... P.T.S.D. dogs.

#4 Service animals must be leashed or teathered and under the owners control.

#5 A service animal as defined must have a current licence AND a separate medallion from the owner's local animal control or dept of agraculture or other "official agency" from the animal's home locality. This medallion identifies the animal as a lawfully recognized service animal and has a ID # and telephone # to contact Animal control.

#6 A Service animal's service medallion is to be VISABLE on it's collar unless it interferes with it's rig/equipment in some way.

If the service animal doesn't have it's medallions on, then the owner should be able to readily produce them (like say on a keyring for example) or the paperwork showing it is a service animal.

These are the current rules and subject to change.