TVM Study Guide

Hey - I have the BART TVM test coming up. This will be my second time taking it and I was hoping someone out there had some sort of study guide for it.

Im assuming this is for the Transit Vehicle Mechanic. Ive passed this test and made it all the way to the panel interview twice but thats another story. I wound up buying a $100 text book from a community college to study for this. Other than AC and DC theory there will be quite a few questions on oscilloscope readings. They'll want the duty cycle and RMS. That kind of stuff. I remember a few AC motor questions. what happens when a leg of ac gets cut out of a 3 phase motor. know your schematic symbols know where the collector,base and emitter is on a transistor. know the difference between an inverting and non inverting op amp. Know the formula for resonant frequency. The worst part of the test is knowing how to use that Web 2.0 Calculator. It is the worst scientific calculator on earth. Some questions, I just gave up and did the math on paper. I counted allot of zeros. Im assuming you need a 70% to pass. Take all the time and recheck your answers. If you pass there is a practical exam you'll get called for later. They give that in 3 stages that are 15 minutes each. 1st stage you'll get a meter and a simple circuit. the second phase you'll get a bunch of components and you'll have to identify them, The third, you get a circuit to trouble shoot. Its a time delay relay circuit hooked up to a fan. Find the things wrong with it and write them down. You fix everything and the fan comes on. If you pass all that you'll get to sit down with a management panel. They will ask you questions and score you on them. If you pass all that you get the job. Keep trying. I was job offered recently after three years of testing and interviews for the Communications Tech job. I was with AT&T for 14 years so this job is right up my alley. Dont give up and good luck.

I think you're talking about the Transit Vehicle Electronics Tech test, the Transit Vehicle Mechanic test wouldn't have any circuits and meters involved.

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