fucked up system

Bart sucks I got off their shuttle bus and was approaching the last car on the train and usually an experienced operator announces the doors are closing but not this prick he closed the doors and left making me even later to my appointment because their track repairs I think they should provide free service on their repair days for inconveniencing all the bart riders

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So the train operator is a prick because you were late...

You walked past how many open doors to ride in the last car?...

B.A.R.T. has repairs going on 24/7 with minor and major projects and the occasional unplanned breakdown of the multiple systems that make the whole magic show operate.

And you filed this under dumbass BART employees?

So....um....yeah, No.


As you can see by this callous response, BART employees do not care at all about their riders. This is one of the main problems with the system, it has become a bloated welfare program for BART employees and their families, rather than a system that works for (or cares about) its users.

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Hmm.. I'm unsure what you are wanting from me as I'm paid to safely operate a transit train.
BART is subsidized by the the government so people and commerce can travel the bay area. The last strike showed what it's like without the "system" working for it's users.

YOU are the one directly benefiting from this "welfare program" otherwise you would be paying double or more to ride. That or doing so much time in your personal vehicle that freeway on ramps would have to post surgeon general cancer warnings. So as far as caring about the users of BART I can't speak for all of us but, me personally, I care about you exactly as much as you care about me.

So...um... yeah...you're wrong also.

Love, T/O

Loved that last strike. I couldn't get to work; therefore, I DID NOT GET PAID. Thanks so much, BART!

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News flash, I didn't get paid during the strike either.

Pointing out the OP is at fault for his situation more so than the employee is not a sign of every employee not caring.

They are not responsible for the actions you took that ended up causing the OP to be delayed.

They are not paid to be your mommy and hold your hand, they are paid to operate and contribute to a safe working transit system for adults capable of being responsible.

You want a nanny I suggest Angies List. Not BART

Just to ..put a bit more in ...

The concept that bart employees do not care is silly.

Like it was said before

They care as much as you do about them.
Coming at people with a preconceived attitude like so many do, does not help...it puts the other party on guard immediately and now your 2-3 steps behind where you could have started.
If you stop and think for a few moments to see if you had anything to do with and or contribute to creating your issue...you may not want to immediately blame"that damn other person".
Free life advice I suppose.

People miss the train. People make the train at the last second. Believe me, TO's are dis-passionate about both. In over 25 yrs, if I wait an extra beat or two for someone, not once have they thanked me. I just do not care. It is because I have no idea what what their outlook on this is, and they don't know mine. It's just a train ride. You don't get this mad at the folks running the roller coaster who make the person in front of you the last one on. It's because were both at work and not just going for a train ride.