You want what?

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So there I am, it's closing time and I'm visiting an agent at the end of the line. The last train to anywhere has long gone and it's just the last two from SF on approach. I'm standing there at the booth choppin it up with the the BPD officer while he waits to sweep out passengers of the last train. Guy walks up and says he wants to go back to SF. The Agent is locking up the bathrooms so I give him the bad news. "Sorry, no more trains going back out until 4:am." I notice some form of impairment has this guy on time delay as he stares at me. "That's 3 hours from now." I say to further assist the non-working math center of his brain. "But I need to go the other way." he said. "And BART can take you at 4:am when it opens in three hours." I see the BPD officer smirk because he gets to see this happen to someone else besides himself.

"Trains are all going to the train yard from here." I say this just as one rolls through the platform headed to the yard. "Have one of them take me to San Francisco." "No, they are going to the train yard to be cleaned for the morning commute, not going towards San Francisco until 4:am." I can see the un critical thinking skills pondering our circular conversation while on time delay. The BPD is starting to chuckle but I gotta keep stone face and soft shoe my conversation or this guy will go all toddler tantrum style on me.

"Have them send a train for me from the train yard now." his stroke of genius fueled via some recreational substance. "Allow me to challenge your thought process. You want BART to prepare a train while having the whole system stay open and have everybody stay late just to come here and and give you a train to ride back towards San Francisco?"
Delighted that I finally understood him and what needed to happen he replied "Yes."

I could still hear the BPD laughing as he went to the platform. Just then the Station Agent walked up from closing the station grills and asked;

"You want what?"