SF Civic Center escalators -WTF?

Half of the escalators at Civic Center in San Francisco are down. Some have been down for weeks. The down escalator to the platform at the Grove Street entrance has been out of service for almost 2 months. C'mon, are parts really that hard to find?

Down escalator to the platform at Civic Center is still out of service. This is total bullshit. Why do you think this is acceptable customer service?

Fixed, FINALLY, after months out of service. Now if you could just keep the street level escalators working. The Grove Street down escalator was out again this morning. At least one escalator at Civic Center is perpetually out of service. This really sucks for elderly people and those with mobility issues.

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Elevator, it's not just for fare evasion.

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Watch your step, I've seen a big steaming pile right on the teeth at the top of the escalator twice in the last 2 weeks.

I think OTIS elevator/escalator has an escalator set up at their manufacturing plant that has been running for like 10 years or something, non stop. These things fail because PEOPLE drop thing on them. You know,coins, phones, tickets, urine ,feces ,vomit, small animals. Dismantling and servicing an escalator is a dirty job.

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Yup, they have to wear hazmat suits to get in there and clean before the escalator crew can service them.

New here, from Miami.
Do the elevator/escalator workers perform the work at night, or is it days/nights (around the clock). With the high volume of passengers, just wonder how the work gets done.