Don't let the doors bite you in the ass on your way out

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I was switching trains at Montgomery on a rain day when everything was 5 behind. I was at the end of the group of people coming off the train, and the doors almost bit me in the ass before I could get off. The TO must have hit the close door button the second the doors opened at the platform. There was a cyclist with his bike standing on the yellow strip outside the door, patiently waiting for everyone to exit before he boarded. The doors slammed in his face and the train took off. I felt sorry for the dude, I hope he didn't need that Pleasant Hill train specifically.


Operators do not have any way of seeing who or how many people are on a car standing at the doors or off boarding. They can only see the platform. If, as you say it was crowded at that set of doors,the TO probably did not see the guy with a bike. It is a linear view TO's have and it isn't perfect by any means. They are looking for daylight between body and train to push that button. Hope that helps.