Well, stuck at McArthur this morning riding the Pitts/Baypoint 8:30AM train on the way to SF. Poor riders who were transfering had to wait 15 to 20 mins. in the cold while we had to wait the same; stuck on the train while there was a police action (looking for somebody)

People on the platform eventually boarded another train which pulled into McArthur heading to God knows where as I couldn't see the destination sign. (SF?) Anyway, one of the doors of our car opened (back of the train of course) and the operator told everyone to off-board to the opposite platform as that train was headed to SF first. Everyone pushed and shoved to get off only to do the "how many riders can we cram into one car routine". As we watched these poor souls, our train operator announced that WE would be the first train headed to SF. Of course, we all laughed at BART's screwup once again; smiled, waved and shouted Merry X-Mas to the saps who crowded into the opposite train only to get screwed.

BART train operator
BART does screw up but in your case circumstances down the lane are probably what dictated the changes. whatever the holdup was it cleared up at the last moment and the controllers let your train go first to keep the trains in order and not screw up the train operators' schedules. the train across the platform was a richmond-daly city train.