Holiday schedule - 8 car trains?

BART is running fewer trains during the holiday schedule. So, you would think they would have more cars available, right?
Wrong. Nothing but 8 car trains on the Pittsburg/Baypoint line at peak commute times. BART thinks there's less ridership for the holiday, but I don't see it. The trains are still packed, even after 9:00 a.m. I'm really sick of the lies and excuses for why they can't run 10 car trains when they are needed most. They keep saying new cars are coming, but not for another year. Where are all the extra cars during the holiday schedule?
The most obvious answer is that BART can't keep enough employees around during the holidays, so the riders just have to suffer the consequences.
I also recently discovered that the 3.5 billion dollar bond measure won't be used to buy any new train cars. How does a system get 3.5 billion dollars and not address their biggest problem? BART is the worst run transit system I've ever experienced. The Bay Area should be ashamed to have such a piss poor mass transit system for the amount of money here. I can't wait to retire so I'll never have to get on another BART train.