Bart Crime Statistic

My car was stolen from South Hayward Bart last week. The thieves emptied my trunk onto the parking lot before taking my vehicle. That evening, I went to talk to the Bart cop and was told to wait in line ... a lady who had her car stolen was already in the process of reporting it. When it was my turn, the Bart cop told me that the previous Monday 2 other cars were stolen from this same lot. As I gave my report, another guy walked up and said his car was broken into. The cop also said 2 people were robbed on Bart in between South Hayward and Hayward station within the last 2 weeks.

My car was found 5 days later ... in a lesser condition than when it was taken. BUT ... the door was not forced, the ignition was not forced ... in fact it looked like the thieves HAD KEYS. The thieves had left clothing, had left purchases from Safeway, and left several unique 'tags' in my car. The police declined to investigate (check with Safeway in the area the car was found, take fingerprints from the effects left behind) ... in fact they never spoke to me again about my car theft. As far as they were concerned ... it never happened. I have since bought a Club and an alarm ... I mean since the crooks can take my car at will ... I had to do something to feel even a little secure that I would have a car when I returned from work ... let alone the fact that the thieves had my home address from my registration so could come by MY HOUSE and get my car anytime they needed a ride.

I guess this is a pretty common story. The sad lack of personal/property protection makes me want to damn global warming and drive to work. I have written mayor Sweeney (Hayward Mayor), the Bart police, my city council, and several newspapers. I plan to post flyers all over South Hayward station, both on Bart property and around it ... warning people about the dangerous level of crime at that station.

Does anyone know where the BART crime statistics can be found ? I cannot find anyone or any (web) site which lists the crimes done on Bart property or to it's patrons. I get the feeling that the last thing Bart wants us to know is how dangerous it is to ride their over-priced, ill kept, poorly managed transit system. And if anyone has a suggestion on who to contact, write to, call, or e-mail to get any attention focused on this , please, please let me know.

I used to think Muni was a flawed transit system ... now its looking pretty good.


You didn't mention your stolen vehicle's year, make and model. Let's see: 1990-1997 Toyota, Honda, Saturn, Nissan, Olds, well any GM product. Look at the condition of your ignition key. Probably well worn. Same thing with the door lock and ignition switch. You can buy a blank at HD, shave it down a bit or even better yet, a scissor. Don't be surprised your car can be started with a file cabinet key. Pot metal ignition switches will turn on anything inserted. A Club lock or other deterrent works because the bad guy will simply look for another vehicle to hit without the additional work. A motivated kid can get into your car and drive off faster than you can with your own keys.

Keep your registration papers with you and never leave your house keys inside your car or the garage opener. Chances are the suspect will know you're away from home and what better way than to burgularize your house at the same time.

School is out for the winter break and many kids simply don't want to take the bus to run their errands. Cheaper than taking a cab.

You got your car back (better get it checked out first mechanically). No one is in custody. You'll get mad if the cops threw fingerprint powder all over your car and interior. It wasn't involved in a crime or hit and run. To the cops, this is an insurance matter and essentially a property crime. It's not like stealing a horse in the old days.

To the original poster: Coincidentally, Bart cops swarmed into the Hayward Station today around 1:45PM and caught someone tampering with a car's ignition. I was parked about a half a dozen stalls away and the cop was checking other cars for damage or attack. The critter was in the back seat making a lot of noise.

No one ever posts that so kudos to you. People would rather whine about their issues like they are the only ones geting victimized. BART is just like a big city. Everything that happens in a city, happens on BART.

And sometimes the good guys win one. Thanks for putting that out there!!!

Sadly, cities like Hayward, Richmond, and Pittsburg can have upwards of 50 auto thefts per day, not to mention auto and home break-ins. For the overworked street officer this is overwhelming. Cases where there are threats or actual injury to a person are going to come first, and in some cities there is so much of that even some of those cases are not adequately handled.

However, don't think the crime to your property went unnoticed. Reporting systems keep track of where and when crimes like this happen. There is an entire task force in Contra Costa county (I can't speak for Alameda) that statistically tracks and targets areas of high property crime.

This means you may never know who stole YOUR car in particular, but the worst offenders will eventually get caught. Hopefully your insurance will cover the damage fully. The offender most likely would not have the funds to repay you for the damage anyway.

BART train operator

first off you've been watching too much CSI, stop it with the fingerprints. second i don't think there is a BART station at the safeway where they found your car so it's the hayward police who should have this case. BART police can't be worried about your car being found they need to focus on stopping crime on BART property. if you think BART sucks drive your car instead.

Perhaps if they (the BART police) were focused on "stopping crime on BART property" this guy would not have had his car stolen in the first place. Too often I see the BART police jabbing away with other worthless station attendants who are sitting on their brains in the BART booths doing what they do best; NOTHING. Perhaps you should just shut your pie hole and continue reading your paper while the train moves on auto-pilot?

Boy am I sick of this sarcastic T/O. I bet your car doesn't get stolen in the safety of the trainyard.

The problem with BART is that most of the operations personnel don't even ride BART, and this is reflected in their sarcastic responses here. BART is a big favor bestowed by employees who would rather be doing anything else than helping the public. BART's reputation in the region is of absolute arrogance and you can see it here on a daily basis.

Someone said it in another topic but while you are on BART, you are on your own. The cops don't want to hear about it, the T/O's don't want to hear about it, and the station agents aren't interested either.

Well, it seems this board must have moderator and it must be a BART employee because an awful lot of my posts just never see the light of day.

The one thing I'll repeat is that BART is considered the most arrogant transit operator in the region and you can see it here daily in the sarcastic comments made by its employees.

Just to review what we've learned this year: If you have a problme on BART, don't bother the cops, the T/Os or the stations agents because they don't want to hear about. Like someone said on another topic, when you ride BART, you are on your own.

New Year's resolution for us all: Try AC Transit for transbay service or the ferry. It's bad enough to be crammed into 8-car trains during the commute but then you can come here and get insulted by the help.

this board is pretty much moderated by the posters. All in all, BART is dirty, nasty, whatever you want to say but I still need to use it rathern than drive. Life sucks but I deal with it.

Yup, its too bad patrons are not responsible.

you can't see how our jobs are focused like a laser beam on passenger safety because you are on the system for a short ride maybe twice a day. get a scanner and a book on BART radio frequencies (available at any ham radio store) and listen in on a full day of radio transmissions. you will be able to hear 2-3 TO's tracking a suspect throught the system for the police, finding lost kids, developmentally disabled passengers being helped through the system, the bus or CALtrain being held for a passenger and the list goes on. running through trains looking for wallets, cellphones, art projects and all kinds of shit people leave on the trains. just because you see a particular employee "doing nothing" does not mean a thing. you need to train your beady eyes on yourself and your job instead of shooting your mouth off about things you know nothing about.

Do you have any statistics on crime (and prevention) on BART premises ? I hear what you are saying about being on the BART train (your jurisdiction) ... but what about property left on the lot for the day ? Who watches that ? I would also be interested in your income. I pay more than $8 a day to ride BART, how are you compensated ? Are you paid a premium for 'tracking suspects thru the system' ? Are you paid enough to warrant going out of your way (just a little bit) to make me feel secure ? You sound very angry, is that because you dislike you job , or because you get a ration on this web site ? Why do you think there are so many upset BART riders ? Do you ride BART when your not in the front car ? Do you feel safe ? Where do I find out about all the crime and almost crime on BART, and all the heroics you drivers perform ? Why is there no BART blotter ? Would it impact ridership if the truth was known ? BART is 95% great and 5% horrible. But the horrible 5% all but eclipses the 95% good ... why isn't there more attention to excluding obvious problem riders. I am interested in your responses !

i did look into the crime stats and i'm working on posting some of them here. who watches the lots? BART police but of course they clearly don't catch every criminal, no police force is 100% effective against crime. my income this year will be in the 70's because i did not work much overtime. how much are you paid and what do you do? yes i am paid enough to go out of my way every chance i get to make a passenger's experience on BART better. how? well i don't mind being asked "does this BART go to south hayward?" at fremont station 10 times a day, i'll arrange for the vallejo bus to be held for you when you're running late, when i find your wallet packed with cash and credit cards i make sure you get it back, i'll call your home from the cell phone you leave on the train, when you loose your kids on the system because you're jabbering on the phone instead of watching them, i get them to a safe place where you can collect them. when you are being harrased in the lead car but are clearly too intimidated by the thugs to tell me i have BART police waiting at the next station. when you decide it's all too much and jump in front of my train i go down and hold the one hand that's still connected to your broken body while you die, and when you mis-time your jump and end up being swatted across the platform like a hockey puck i say you slipped and fell even though you looked me right in the face as you jumped. i don't dislike my job, i love it. i don't understand what "a ration on this website" means, must be a typo. why are there so many upset BART riders? why are there so many upset people period. there should be a website called
yes i ride BART. in any car. at any time, and i do feel safe. i don't derive my feelings of safety from outside myself. the world is a dangerous place and none of the minions of civil order will save you if you can't save yourself. "excluding problem riders" wow. i sure would love that and so would 99.9999% of BART employees but we can't. BART, like most transit systems worldwide with the exception of some cuban buses, is an open system so we can't keep anyone out who pays a fare. passengers can choose not to ride with some undesireable but we have to stay and even deal with that person so we'd love to exclude some people. and you are right the bad overwhelms the good. sorry.

Wow. Haven't run into attitude like this since the infamous Operator9 departed these forums. Another great example of the overpaid arrogance I've come to expect from BART employees.

what is overpaid? what do you earn? doing what? can i come and look over your shoulder at work? with 3000 of my friends? do you want to ride in a train with a $15 an hour operator? the reason we are well paid is because we are the responsible party on a train when it craps out in the tube on new years with 3000 people onboard. that being the case BART is kind of picky when it comes to hiring. maybe you should apply and check it out it's a great job with fantastic benefits. of course then you'd have to deal with all of the hate but you get used to it.

What's worse is 3000 passengers on a train designed for 720. It only adds to an operator's headache!

You're way beyond "well-paid" and it's because of your union rather than any traits of responsibility you might demonstrate. If you and your pals weren't in a position to extort a raise out of Bay Area commuters every few years by threatening to strike I doubt you would be making 60k+ per annum for forgetting the name of the next station.

Well said

well, are you blaming him for taking a job that pays well???? what would you do? don't hate the player hate the game, dude.

Boy, I hear that. I was walking to my car last Friday night around midnight and a car of four mean thugs drive into the lot, up to no good. I was so glad I had just gotten into my car. The guy just kept staring me down in the backseat. I got the hell out of there. They went behind the dumpster at North Concord to do who knows what. I constantly see the cops talking to the station agents who are also useless and rude instead of scanning the parking lot for thugs and kicking them out. BART has a duty to provide enough personnel to check and keep an eye on the lots. Even if it was the parking lot ticket guy, that would deter theft. It is ridiculous, these guys have plenty of time to steal a couple of cars a day from a lot.

I hope someone breaks into your house and steals everything you hold dear. Then you can see just how great it is to be flushed away by the people your taxes pay for. You will get to enjoy the wonderful feeling of wondering if your home is occupied by thieves every day you return to it. You will get to see actual fingerprints of the thieves on your refrigerator, and watch them ignored by the cops. You will enjoy the feeling of buying something new, and padlocking it to your living room floor for fear it will be taken. Then ... oh joy ... you will listen to someone tell you how it is your problem that you was victimized ... and that there are bigger fish to fry than the crooks that stole your petty household items

Where is your empathy ? You are a person who works with the community ... yet that same community disgusts you.

I still think BART is the best commute alternative ... and since I never know if I'll have a car to drive ... I will keep riding it.

i hope my house is never burgled but i have measures in place just in case. my house was robbed when i was a kid and the cops caught two of the guys, my dad visited them in jail. my advice? take precautions. don't count on being saved by the police or anyone else. the community does not disgust me, seeing a guy burst a huge cyst on his face and the fountain of pus that came out disgust me. huge staph infection two weeks later was bad too....

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I know what has been posted here. Mr. T/O said the only thing stations agents are responsible for is info. If you don't want info, don't bother them. What part of that didn't I understand?

When the cops tell you, you got your car back didn't you? I have to throw up my hands. Yes, I'm sure he got his car back with no radio, vandalized seats, destroyed ignition. I guess if the car is running he should consider himself lucky and stop his griping.

The view from AC is so much better. Everyone should try it.

that's usually the case unfortunately. that was all four of the thugs in the car that i encountered last friday night at north concord. they would just assume shoot you if you interfere with their drug use. they hae nowhere to go so they go to north concord BART and sit in the far part of the parking lot. then, after they use their drugs, they start ripping off your car. i have been through what the poster above has and it is not very comforting that they have access to a garage door opener and registration. after having my car broken into at north concord several times and oakland, i started driving a beater but i wish i didn't have to ride BART at all. i can bus up one way but there is no way to get home at midnight. i have also been followed out of north concord once wherein i just drove to the CHP in martinez. couldn't believe some idiot would follow me. the theft is out of control and BART's management needs to do something about it. video cameras would be a good deterent but they would probably steal those too. these aren't kids either; these are 30-year old thugs, most likely out on parole drug addicts.

Bart police will never do anything about any crime at all. When are you people going to realize this fact? The only way they can do anything at all is if it happens right in front of their face....otherwise it never happened.

Bart police are just glorified security the kind you will find at the mall. They are not there to do anything except be a visual deterrent. A visual deterrent is only effective if it is actually visible. So the 1 bart police office covering 5-6 stations isn't much of a deterent at all.

So what you people need to do is buy a used beater car and park it at bart. Dont keep anything in it and if something happens just write it off and get another one. In the end it is cheaper that all the insurance hassels and dealing with Bart police.

You can find a beater car for under $1000.

exactly. good advice.

I wouldn't necessarily blame the BART cops for this. It's the BART management and the General Manager who doesn't give the department the resources it needs to effectively deal with the crime. They like to think they have a proactive police department, but you can't do this very well with the bare minimum amount of cops.

Even still, I've seen some BART cops walking through the stations and even on the train cars. I think crime on BART is still relatively low for a daily community of 350,000 passengers.

My response to "Bart police will never do anything" is you're another one of those people who shoot their mouth about something they have no clue about... Here's my invitation to you smart guy....Go on a ride along with one of those so called "security guards" some Saturday night. If you have the balls and you really want to see some action request to ride with an officer downtown Oakland...If you make it through the shift and you don't burst into tears of fear like a baby, wanting to go home, then maybe you will retrack the crap you wrote earlier.

Wish I had read this before last night. Our car was stolen from North Concord BART yesterday. Didn't know about the drug dealers, pedafiles, and other things I have read on message boards about this station. Also worried about them coming to my house, cause they know we have jobs and they don't. Funny Tuesday I got a parking ticket in front of my house for being too far from the curb. Where were they when my car was stolen.

I guess that was BART PD's fault too???

The poster above me is so obviously a cop its not even funny.

But on another note: We understand it's not all BART PD's fault. Rather, it is the collective fault of the managment team, the police cheif (for buying un-necessary toys that will probably never get used or are frivilous), and the unsuspecting (wrongfully so) individual who elects to leave or forgets that their iPod is in plain view.

Do what you can to keep yourself and your property safe. This has been said on this site over and over again, and it can't be said enough.

BART Police offers some saftey tips, for what it's worth, at their website,

I encourage you to review this information, and while it may not be enough to stop all crime, if this information is followed, togeather we can greatly reduce criminal activity in the BART system.

-M. Delgado

You are right.

And we take so many people to jail you wouldn't believe it. But there is always another idiot to take their place. Even if you get sick of all of the bitching and moaning from people who have no idea how difficult it is to do this job, I still show up every morning and fill up a cite book with fare evaders, stop sign runners, panhandlers and such. And still have time to arrest the guy with the meth, the guy punching his girlfriend in the head and the fare evader with $100K in warrants because he didn't want o pay $1.40 to ride.

Like Denzell said in "Jarhead", I love this job.

And I won't let your whining deter me and my co-workers from doing the best job we can with the numbers we have to work with. I take it personal when a vehicle is stolen or burglarized on my beat. Hell, my car was burglarized at BART.

But still we come. Because I love taking criminals to jail and trying to serve an unappretiative community. It is what it is, baby.

Delgado, who claims to be the spouse of a bart employee, is one of bart's most outspoken critics. Never has anything nice to say. Always makes sarcastic comments about BPS and frequently posts incorrect info.

BPS does a helluva job with the restrictions they are required to work under. Like most police officers today, there's too much paper work and not enough bullets.

Delgados is a ranger face it!

I found some in this appendix in a transportation report.
My email to Brando Cruz hasn't been answered yet, but it's
been a little under a week since I sent it, so I think it's
a little too early to complain.