BART Police Encounters

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Unless this person did something grossly unprofessional or illegal, it is inappropriate to name them. I've been critical of SOME employees here but I'm not down with trashing someone by name. That would include the oblivious Civic Center agent reading the paper.

I notice you didn't mention why you had an encounter with this cop.

I've been with BART for some time. I frequently see her talking down to patrons, coworkers, and just about anyone. However, I was wondering if this was just me or if anyone else has had an encounter with her. Laurie will take many minutes to respond to a call, and show up acting irritated and agitated that anyone dare call her to perform her professional duties.

Additionally, it is imparative to name her, because there are several officers (blond, female, mid-40s) who fit her description. Do you see where I'm coming from?


Bart's Finest

yes, this is a great idea!!! try and convict someone on a blog!! brilliant!!!!

If this cop is actually your co-worker and all you can do is trash her online, it sort of says more about you than her. If your balls aren't big enough to ask her point blank what her problem is (and that assumes she really has a problem), you might consider getting assertiveness training.

If you are truly a BART Officer (BART's Finest) and made these PUBLIC comments defaming another officer on this site, you are an embarrassment to the Dept. You probably do not amount to much in or out of uniform. Do yourself (and the Dept.) a favor and keep quiet. Be an adult a keep your comments in house or perhaps direct them to the officer directly.

This web site should be used as a tool by BART employees to LISTEN to reasonable grievances made by BART patrons in an effort for BART employees to address them. It should not be used to personally attack (behind the safety of your computer) an employee you feel deserves it for whatever reason.


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I wasn't aware this forum had an administrator. Who is he/she?

If you are an employee of the system, you know as well as anyone that keeping shit in-house never works. Nothing ever happens if it isn't made public - just look at ENRON and the Valerie Plame case. True, those hardly compare to this, but you get my drift. And if you've ever had an encounter with her, you know damn well that she won't listen to you. Plus, she's never personally wronged me. I disagree with her tactics, and I think they are unethical and go against what we at BART stand for. What would Cheif Gee say if he watched her in action?


BART's Finest

this is a trickie one. im an advocate of free speech but also of maintaining integrety in the work place. im not police im a station agent. i can understand where bartsfinest is coming from that officer has a reputation but also s/he (bartsfinest) should try other avenues before ousting her on this page. have u tried to talk to ms bush personally and if not her what about her superiors . she is controversial but u still need to try other avenues first. have u ?

I'm starting to smell a lawsuit here.....


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As a character once remarked on Hill Street Blues: "Judas F. Christ" - if you see any action that is unethical, unlawful or unprofessional, advise your supervisor, the association president, a union steward, damn, even Infernal Affairs. If you're hearing things second hand, keep your mouth shut. Unless you have first hand knowledge, you've got squat nothing. Identifying someone by name and dancing around the issue is a cheap shot, regardless of the profession. You might, god forbid, be in a situation and you'll need someone with her attitude to come along and bail you out. If a guy acts like her, he's a macho guy, and if it's a female, she's a b***H - get a life.

as bpd myself i can understand bartfinest frustration. ia rarely listens to complaints that dont involve **SERIOUS** violations of law or standard. also whistleblowing is frowned upon. you might find it easier to take this way out, but i suggest talk to ur sgt or laurie bush directly. btw, if she finds out who u are, she'll give u shit. i'd advise dropping it and ur complaints against her.. cuz shes a tough cookie [one might call her a bitch!]

This just proves what a bunch of pansy ass pussies I work with. Get a back bone and tell her your thoughts. So scared of a confrontation you anonymously bash someone on a public forum. Typical of Bart's finest. Spelling her name wrong isn't going to help defending yourself either. Whistle blowing frowned upon? Are you kidding me? You work where? You can complain anonymously about anyone to any Sgt or higher. I know having done it and been done to.
God, grow up, and get a life. It's not enough you can take a life in the line of duty, you have to go and act like a juvenile. Who did your background? They should be turned into IA for obviously slacking off on your packet.
My money is on "Laurie" on this one. Is she the only officer who has taken the scenic route to a call? Is she the only bart employee to be rude?
I am curious, how many blond 40+ yrs olds work there that would be confused with her?
mmmm none come to mind for me and I've been there longer than she has. I'm beginning to doubt you actually work for the pd and are just a pissed off person she had the pleasure of dealing with. Either that some stupid girlfriend/wife of a guy she met.

I've worked with this BART Police Officer posters continue to slander, YES...SLANDER. How hard do you think it would be for her to obtain your names and file a defamation law suit against you? I wish she would. I'm a station agent and I've worked with her for over a year. She is not arrogant nor is she rude. She is efficient; no nonsense; cuts to the chase; doesn't tolerate liars; blunt; and has no problem confronting wrong-doers in the BART system. You say she's not friendly? Does she get paid to stand around and shoot the S**T with you? Or does she get paid to pay attention to what's going on in the station? On the train?

I have found, that on this site, most of the whiners and complainers have a victim mentality and want no solution at all. There is a teenage sociopath who hates this Officer and has run his mouth about her to every station agent who will give him the time of day. What did she do to him that was soooooooooo awful? She wouldn't let him use her personal cell phone to call his mommy or daddy to pick him up from the Rockridge BART station after he spent all his money on frivoulous stuff. He claims to be the son of a BART employee, but he doesn't have a BART Dependent ID. He's tried using discount tickets and been caught. He's tried conning station agents out of free rides by offering a pound of coffee he was issued by his employer. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if this sociopath is the one who started this thread when his efforts to file a complaint were unsuccessful because he kept changing his story. He's a prime example of the "victims" who post on this site regularly.

Whenever I had to call BART Police to my station, this Officer arrived in a timely manner and was on top of any situation immediately. I've watched her question fare evaders and individuals with outstanding warrants. She'd make Sgt.Joe Friday proud with her matter-of-fact style of questioning. Why waste time? Why let the "suspect" take off on a tangent? Does this make her arrogant or rude? Not in my eyes.

The individuals who are posting negative comments on this site and claiming to be her fellow officers are more likely to be the ones that are taking the circuitous route to a call and acting annoyed at having been interrupted from their serious flirting with attractive female passengers. Yeah, I'm talking about you macho guys who hang out at the Coliseum station during sports events (ON OVERTIME PAY). I've NEVER seen you rush up to a homely woman and offer to help her buy a ticket! And where was the Officer in question while you were doing this? She was patrolling the parking lot and stopping an auto-burglary in progress.

I agree with the poster who said that those who are calling this Officer a bitch are the same ones who would praise a fellow male Officer for being a "Good Cop".

For those of you who insist on putting out her name on this site, what would you do if a BART Police Officer posted on here using YOUR name after he/she wrote you up for fare evasion? You'd be knocking down the doors at BART Police headquarters to file a law suit. Sure hope she sends a process server knocking on your doors real soon. Did you know that all the postings on here can be downloaded to a printer? Um, I think that could be called "evidence". I'd be more careful if I were you. Your vicious diabtribes could come back to bite you on the ass.

If we were to believe some of the postings here that this Officer is so disliked by her fellow Officers, tell me why, when and if she has to call for backup, that any of you show up? If she's so awful I'd think you'd ignore the dispatcher and let this Officer fend for herself...which, in my opinion, she could easily do.

Personally, I like this Officer's style. At least she's not adverse to doing what's necessary - no matter how much paper work might be involved.

you are right on. i'm a bart train operator and i'm surprised to see supposed BART employees stooping to this level.

I have to hand it to you - this was VERY well written. I am not taking a side on this issue. I am simply stating that the post above was well writen. Several other posts were well written as well.

But this is starting to get out of hand. Why dosn't everyone just play nice? From what I can tell, and this is purely observation, mistakes were made on ALL parts. After reading this entire thread, I'm shocked not just at the posts against the cop, but the posts defending the cop. Attacks on both parts are vicious, malicious, and just horrible. (The one above is especially polarizing. By describing that "sociopath" you're doing nothing less than BART's Finest did by naming the officer.)

We are adults, and thus should act like adults. Never before have I found this to be so controversial. How can people say such things about other living people? It's just not right.

While some posts may be hurtful to some readers, they are hardly slanderous. I forwarded the link to this to my sister in Los Angeles, who is a lawyer with a large corporation. She pointed out that, in order for this to be considered slander, the posters must have written something claimed to be fact, but with a disregard for the truth - NOT just the opinions of people. Should someone decide to proceed with a civil or criminal case, it's important to note that there are generally several "privileges" that can get a defamation or slander case dismissed without proceeding to trial. These include the allegedly defamatory statement being one of opinion rather than fact; or being "fair comment and criticism". (If you want more information on this, try Googling "actual malice")

What appears here is just that - OPINIONS of various people, be it pro or con Bush.

Posts against a police officer. Posts in support of the police officer. Threats of a lawsuit. Why don't we all just grow up, stop acting like children, suck our chests in, sit square, and quit this crap. C'mon everyone, to quote a very wise person....

Why can't we just all get along?

You quote Rodney King and consider him a "very wise person"? You just lost your credibility with me. His comment was wise, he was/is not.

Honestly, I was unsure whom I was quoting. Hence I put "A wise person." That was a mistake of mine. The remark, "Can't we all just get along?" is filled with wisdom and provokes thought of peace towards other human beings. Regardless of Rodney King saying it, the question is a deep one, and I was wondering if anyone could answer it?

By the way, I retract the "a very wise person" comment. How about,

As a person remarked,

Why can't we all just get along?

Does anyone here dare utter the name Tamar Allen?

To my recolection, she's unique. The other poster mentioned someone she's pissed off. That's quite a few people, from what I understand. Tamar Allen? A posibility, but then again, one amongst many.

Et tu Brutus?
Oh wait, you might be retired or fired or medically unfit.
What happened to keeping this in house.
She doesn't deserve this no matter how few or many people she has pissed off.
Pandora's box has been opened.

Who and what is a Tamar Allen?
Did OP not get hugged enough growing up?

I\\\\\\\'ve heard the name before. He is on some comission or something isn\\\\\\\'t he? But what does he have against Bush?

I just read the comment about Pandora\'s box. That\'s just wrong - whoever started this thread was wrong to do so, but retaliating is even worse. The officer whom started this thread was low - dirt low - but to engage in retribution would be even lower. Be the bigger person, and don\'t give the officer that started this all this attention. It\'s most likley what him or her is after any ways.

I thought it was funny.

I don't think it's a cop either, or even an employee. I think it's a pissed off passenger. Talk about affecting the morale of BPD, now they're all looking at each other wondering who the asshole is. The person who started this topic will collide with karma, count on it. I've been real critical of some BART employees but naming someone is just wrong. If I witnessed an employee doing something outrageous, I'd make a phone call or write a letter, I wouldn't hide behind by computer keyboard. But if this is how some BART employees treat each other, no wonder some of them treat us like crap.

There is a fine, unwashed arrogance that seems present in almost every BART employee that posts here. They absolutley have it dicked when it comes to wages and benefits and they rarely miss an opportunity to rub it in. From what I've seen most of these people would be doing the old burn and turn if it wasn't for this freak railroad that pays them many times what they're worth. If someone has figured out a way to fuck with these assholes GOOD FOR THEM!

this cop has no right to be ousted like that. i have worked with her, and no she is not perfect, shes not even plesant. but that is no reason to trash her.

a confused station agent

I saw a bumper sticker, that read:

"If you've got a Bush, you've got a Dick"

(President Bush / Veep Cheney for those of you reading too much into that!)

Just some words of wisdom. It applies here as well.

i kno she has upset many people. but still respect her she puts her life on the line to serve you guys. so if you dont have anything nice to say, do what i do and just avoid her. the only time i have delt with her is when she searched my train once. i dont like her but at least i take the mature way out and follow the golden rule "do unto others as others would do unto you"

much love,
your beautiful t.o.

A Tamar Allen is a frustrated woman who has moved ahead in the BART system through a series of lies, misfortunes, back-room deals, etc. She has ruined the lives of several people for sport and laughs about it.
She is a true virago. People like this usually suffer from some horrible ailment later in life due to nobody's actions but their own.
I will not shed a tear.

At least she is doing her job unlike a lot of other BPD officers that hide in the car all night long.