The Meat Train

Has anyone been on the 8-ish SF-bound morning train where the female operator will bark at the passengers trying to onboard her crowded train? "THIS IS NOT THE MEAT TRAIN!! There is another train in two minutes. I repeat, THIS IS NOT THE MEAT TRAIN!!"

She gets pretty pissy if you insist on getting on. It's kind of creepy.

I'll show her the meat train.....

Don't only show her give it to her

In the caboose!

More meat for brains.

yes, its the meet train, not meat train.
She's irritated when her train is running a couple of minutes late, the cars are jam-packed with people blocking the doors making it even later. meanwhile, there's another Pittsburg to SF train 3 minutes behind her with plenty of room. She keeps mentioning it, but people keep shoving their way on. I wait for the Meet train now.

I've been on the "this is not the meat train" a few times. I actually think the comment from the Train Operator is pretty funny. People are ridiculous the way they try to force themselves onto the train.

Sounds like this woman (TO) has character. Gotta love them, female TO's are outnumbered 6 to 1 on BART, so those that stand up and can make asertions (however humorous) deserve respect.

Ahahahaha. Meat train.

-M. Delgado

Sounds like a meathead.

she's saying MEET train. the richmond and baypoint trains have a scheduled meet at 12th st. why she's upset i don't know.

Agreed. It's MEET. However, the original post referred to SF-bound trains, so it must be the MacArthur meet.