Who pissed in your cheerios?

So this morning I am trying to enter the turnstiles at the Pitts/Bay station to catch the 6:17AM train. Of course, I have to wait ten people deep as there are ONLY two turnstiles activated for entry (one of which was the handicap). For whatever reason, the station agent is outside her booth just glaring at riders as they enter. As I pass Ms. Agent, she gives me a dirty glare!?! I look at her and state the obvious, (which of course for many of these employees, things are not so obvious)"there is only one gate open". She shout out at me, "there are TWO gates open". I shout back (as I am walking away), "no ONE gate, the other is the handicap". She shouts again, "there are two gates and there is nothing I can do about it". I, (chuckling to myself) and not wanting to miss my train in order to debate whith this individual wheter the handicap gate should be counted for or against, shout back, "isn't that ALWAYS the case".

So...I wonder, if it indeed this was a mechanical malfunction, (1) why was she glaring at everyone and (2) why couldn't she just have said so in the first place and that they are working on it. I didn't break it, don't take it out on me! This just reinforces the reason I spend 8 seconds there a day and she spends eight hours. :-)

That sucks. The only explanation for the lack of more entry gates is that the gate wouldn't work in that direction due to some kind of mechanical failure. Agents are hesitant to change another gate's function from exit to entry if it's one that visually impaired patrons might be accustomed to using (like toward the edge).

Also, the behavior of the agent was not particularly warm. I would prefer to think the agent was annoyed at the situation, not you. Particularly at Bay Point, it's far from where the faregate technicians work, and I would imagine that it bothers the agents they have such poorly maintained equipment.

You can be quite certain that were it not for equipment failures and the need to accomodate those with disabilities, the faregates would be configured for the best possible passenger flow given the time of day. As always, take a comment card and send it in, or email BART. You'll probably a personal response.

About the equipment, and the wide gate is also used by everyone, as is elevators in some stations..

It just so happens that they make that gate wider to accomodate the disabled in wheelchairs and luggage and bikes, including those that do not need to use it.. For use for everyone.

Of course we were not there, we would have no idea what tone you took in your voice when you stated the obvious. Also realize that you may not have been the first one to snap at the agent (even if you didn't snap at him/her).. While I understand and cannot condone someone for snapping back at someone that may be innocently poiting something out, after awile the agent may be annoyed..

While you may not have realized he/she has been told this a lot of times, they should try to just ignore the comments. But then again, if they ignored your comment you'd be on here posting the Agent ignored you.

I have spent some time with a friend at BayPoint, I wouldn't want to work there, yep they get paid, but I'd end up hitting someone. Not worth it..

You are right; something may have already transpired earlier. When you see an agent standing outside the booth, glaring or not, as an agent myself, that is a clear indication that something frustrating already happened because most agents, myself included, sit most of the time. So give her a break, Baypoint is a dump and nobody likes to work there unfortunately. And yes, like you said, everyone may use the big gate.

Station Agents are suposed to stand outside the booth because it is good customer service. Didn't you get that memo about two years ago?

-M. Delgado

You are NOT an agent. In fact a previous poster asked you exactly what you do for Bart and you have never answered the question. Station agents are not supposed to stand outside the booth. When there is an assault, management always asks whether the booth door was closed and locked. Unless an agent is at a machine, stocking brochures or helping a passenger, in a locked booth is the only place of safety according to management and Bart police. Since agents cannot depend on BPS, do you think agents are stupid enough to stand outside the booth? Being sitting ducks is bad enough.

Yeah, I got that memo! It was from a moron in management who has NEVER worked at 16th/Mission, Fruitvale, Coliseum, Hayward or Richmond Stations. Most of us "round filed" that stupid waste of paper. Customer service???? Customer service is having decent equipment with which to buy and use tickets. Customer service is providing CLEAN trains, stations and restrooms. Customer service is keeping the deadbeats and bums off of the trains. Management wants good customer service? Riiiiigggghhhhhtttt. What a joke. We are NOT supposed to stand outside the booth. How would we read all the bad tickets? How would be make announcements? How would we write up all the claim forms? I don't know what you do for BART Delgado, but you've got your head where the sun don't shine. You do not speak for me. You couldn't do my job is your life depended on it.

it wasnt a memo it was supervisors told us to stand outside but no one (me too) ever does.

YES!! Excellent!! I think this Delgado is too chicken to say what he does for Bart, but he does post a lot here and he says he has some connection to Bart Police. Now whether he is a cop or not is easy to find out, but if he is a Bart cop, well, now, let's not let the whole ranting and raving Bart riders know what Bart cops do or rather, do not do. We already had some negative press about one of Bart's finest on this forum and the postings that showed "her" name were mysteriously removed. Isn't that curious?
Let's let the public know this, even if it is probably obvious: Bart police is not there to protect the riding public, their vehicles parked in the Bart parking lots, or even, God forbid, the employees. Instead, Bart police is employed to protect Bart property and assets- oh and of course, they protect their own fellow Bart police officers and dispatchers. As a long time agent, I can only count a HANDFUL of good cops and some of them are either retired or have passed. A person may be verbally assaulting an agent or even another Bart employee, and a Bart cop will inevitably brush it off and think it's not a big deal, or even not respond, but when someone is being "difficult" with them, oh, watch them get hot under the collar. It's okay if someone pisses off an agent; they'll even say they brought in on themselves, but if someone pisses them off, it's not acceptable. And I haven't touched on physical assaults to agents-that's a whole new can of worms.
That's the truth, like it or not.

thats kinda interesting, do you think somehow bart cops pulled some strings to get that persons name removed from here? i know barts finest look out for eachother like nothing else, but i think its going too far to say that they can work so much magic to help themselves and their fellow cops out but not the riders.

I don't know, but it sure is odd, and as far as your other question, just open your eyes and see how long the response time is when there's a problem. They'll do as little as possible because Bart is so scared of being sued and they train their cops accordingly. In the downtown stations, they have cars parked across Carl's Jr. above the Powell street station and instead of racing down Market street, they'll take Bart or Muni because they say it's faster.

people assult you guys and bard pd dosnt do anything? i find that hard to believe!

They don't repond fast enough to do anything and even if they do, since they didn't witness it, they have to make that determination to arrest or cite someone. Try hitting a Bart worker, you might get hit back, but if you're fast enough, say 20 minutes lead time, you won't get caught by the cops because it takes them that long to respond on average.

that's what that one post a little bit ago, several weeks, about that female officer was about. it disappeared. why?

That's right, huh? Where is it?

It was removed by the administrator of this website. Probably to avoid a lawsuit since things seemed to be going that way.

Who cares what her name is anyway? The BART riders already have a PREJUDICED negative opinion of BART Police in general. Just roll all the officers in the same blanket.

we rarely remove such posts. Registered users are allowed to delete their posts.

As I recall, there was a statement under the space where the post had been. It said:

here is the actual link of that. It is a generic message but registered users can delete their own postings.
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That's true. BART Police don't do anything EXCEPT ask the Agents what THEY did to provoke the assault! When they write up their reports, they always state in some form or another that the Agent antagonized the assailant. Isn't that like saying a battered woman asked to be hit?

Why do you think so many agents let people walk out without paying? If they antagonize the fare evader, they may get assaulted and then BART Police tell the supervisors it was the agent's fault and the agent then gets called in for counselling.

If all this about the BART Police is true, why do I so often see them hanging around the booths talking to the station agents??

And another question: why does BART need so many canine teams? There used to be only 4, one for each line, and now there are more than twice that and yet I rarely see a canine in the stations or on the trains. Those dogs are really expensive so where are they and what are they doing????

What stations do you "see" them hanging out? Slow stations? You will not see them hanging out in difficult stations. You might see them there when you're passing through, but really, how long do they stay there? The point is, agents are always there, but the police are not. All Bart needs are lower paid security guards, people who can be there all the time and walk around a station, giving the impression of safety and that someone is actually patrolling and looking out. When there is someone of "authority" is just standing around, trust me, people act better.

I don't know about the dog issue. I don't see them much either.

I rarely see cops in stations. I saw one this morning at Embarcadero and wondered if she busted someone for spilling their Starbuck's. There ought to be cops all the time at Coliseum, Fruitvale, 12th Street, Berkeley, Richmond, Balboa, Civic Center and Powell. Those stations are armpits.

Agreed. You are 100% correct.

I first rode BART back in 1975 before there was a force of sworn officers and they were simply glorified security guards. We felt safer on BART then because we felt safer everywhere.

But, in my many years of day-to-day commuting, I have personally "seen" BART police officers posted at Hayward, Castro Valley, Dublin/P, Coliseum, Lake Merritt, Embarcadero (including those simply guarding the tunnel since 9/11), Montgomery, Powell, Civic, both Mission stations, Berkeley, Richmond... you want more difficult than that??

Maybe I notice them simply because I notice them.

Granted, they may not be there for a long period of time since they have to travel from station to station and there aren't enough officers to patrol every station all the time, but I have witnessed them helping passengers with ticket issues when a station agent wasn't available, giving directions, questioning people for whatever reason, snapping on the handcuffs, pulling cars over out on the street, all the things you would expect a police officer to do.

Ask any citizen of any town and they will complain about their police force the same way BART passengers complain about the BART force.

And I do always feel a little more relieved when I see an officer step on to my train. Because despite a lot of negative posts, I think that officer would help me, the average passenger, if the situation warranted.

A lot has changed since 1975. I am not disputing anything you said, but have you personally had something terrible that happened to you on Bart that required a cop and their performance was less than stellar?
I unfortunately agree with most of the negative postings about them and see them as primarily P. R. for the company.
It's easy to help tourists with directions and good restaurants.

Yeah, Bart is so safe. Triple shooting at Hayward.

the shooting happened at the bus stop in front of the station, stupid. point your browser to a local news site and get a clue before shooting you pie hole off.

right on buddy tell the asshole like it is! i.m with you

You ask: ... but have you personally had something terrible that happened to you on Bart that required a cop and their performance was less than stellar?

The answer is YES I have had something happen on BART and thank Whomever for BART Police. A verbally-abusive/delusional person got on our train and for some reason targeted me and was right in my face ranting Nazi shit. It was more than frightening because it was so irrational. Someone else was cognizant enough to alert the train operator and when we got to the next station, a uniformed BART Police Officer was right there when the doors opened. The perpetrator was handcuffed and taken away and once downstairs, another officer took my statement. They were very kind and certainly appeared to be concerned about me.

Are you telling me this is an anomaly?

To be honest, I don't know what happened after that because I was never contacted to testify or anything. But, I haven't been accosted on a train since then, either.

Wow, talk about running off on a tangent!!!!

Watch out for steamers!